Monday, March 27, 2006

Here I am!

I was tagged by Becky, a girl I would be inseparable with if we lived close.

Accent - A slight Southern accent (although, the people here think I sound more northern)

Booze of choice - Rum, wine or champagne (oh I love a good frozen margarita)

Chore I hate - Vaccuming

Dog or cat - Both, I grew up with a dog, but now I have two cats (Cody and Darbi)

Essential electronics - Stereo, television, dvd player, computer

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) – White Linen (girls) and Mambo (men)

Gold or Silver? – Gold...I like both yellow and white gold

Hometown - Birmingham

Insomnia? – Occasionally

Job Title – Underwriter

Kids? - Adore them.

Living Arrangement - Me and my two kitties.

Most admired trait - Loyal/honest

Number of Sexual Partners - I am completely monogamous.

Overnight Hospital Stays - A few times.... :(

Phobia - Snakes and rats. Oh yeah, petrifies me.

Quote - "Live well, laugh often, love like nobody is watching!"

Religion - Episcopal

Siblings - Older brother, younger sister

Time I wake up - 6:15 am

Unusual talent/skill - I make people feel comfortable.

Vegetable I refuse to eat - Beets

Worst habit - Saying Noooooo (like I am completely spoiled).

X-rays - Right foot/ankle/knee ~ grade 3 tear of all ligaments and tendons.
Chest ~ pneumonia. Neck ~ maybe pinched nerve, still do not know what is wrong.

Yummy foods I make - Roast beef, spaghetti and meatballs, homemade chili, devil's food pound cake and banana bread.

Zodiac sign - Virgo

I want to know something about each of you. Please let me know some of your traits!

Ok, now for the tag:


Just a Trucker

What doesn't kill you...



You guys will need to tag five!


hotboy said...

Hey, I'm first! Nice body swerve on the number of sexual partners, Lee Ann! Quite right too! I was completely monogamous till I saw a 15 year old Aussie polevaulter in the Commonwealth Games last week. I don't think a 40 year age difference is too much. Do you? Hotboy

Bathroom Hippo said...

# sexual partners. Hands or fingers?

truckdriver_sefl said...

Nice list Lee Ann guess I need to get busy:-}

Have a great week!!

Shannon said...

Ohhh Lee Ann lol.. I will honor my duty sometime this week... I hope that is ok?.. Probably Wednesday... I loved your answers... No kiddies yet? When do you want children? (That's to say you want any at all, lol)

Have a good one, and thanks for the ::::Tag:::: =)

Saur♥Kraut said...

Yeah, I'm with ya on the sexual partners answer. :D

DaMasta said...

Right on, girlie! I'm working on this tag as we speak [type, whatever].

My mom HATES vacuuming, so that was always MY chore when I was younger.

# of sexual partners? Gah! Uh... can I plea the 5th?


Polyman2 said...

Nothing like a southern belle whispering sweet nothings in your ear.
...and your sooooo sweet!

Glibbidy said...

Ouch a grade three tear on the ankle. I bet that left q nice green/purple hematoma!
I have done that to mu left foot and ankle so many times, it just seems to roll on it's own. I feel your pain.

AndyW said...

Chore I hate - toilet cleaning

Dog or cat - Both

Insomnia? – Nope, knock on wood.

Number of Sexual Partners - What's in a number anyway.

Time I wake up - 5:15 am

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ I was always told to not kiss and tell! A 40 year difference? Hmmmm...well, you never know!

Hippo ~ All of them! ;)

Trucker ~ Oh, I look forward to seeing it! You have a great week too!

Shannon ~ Oh, I look forward to seeing into your life a wee bit!
Kids are wonderful... :)

Lee Ann said...

Saur ~ Absolutely! ;)

Damasta ~ Oh good!
Yes, I had to always vaccum as a child...yuck! You can answer these questions how ever you would like!

Poly ~ Come a little closer....shhhhh! "Sweet nothing, sweet nothing, sweet nothing"! ....and it is a Southern belle accent ;)

Glib ~ Yes, that tear caused me to be in a fiberglass cast with crutches for 14 weeks. It took over a year to completely heal. Definitely something I will NEVER forget!

Lee Ann said...

Andy ~ You get up earlier than I do...that is probably why you don't have trouble getting to sleep! I don't mind cleaning the toilet so much....I do it throughout the week so it never gets bad! The vaccuming makes my back ache. :(
Do you have a dog and a cat? I would love to have a golden retriever.

Becky said...

Number of sexual partners, I really think the count gets reset when you're seriuos with someone! lmao, I made a post about quitting my job.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Religion: Multiple.
Job Title: Lawyer/Selling things.
Dog or Cat: Monkey.
Hometown: Atmosphere.
Hospital Stays: Lastnight.
Talent: Pleasing Plastic Women.

robmcj said...

Being Scottish, I wouldn't know a Southern U.S. accent from a New York accent. But then it's amazing how many people can't tell the difference between accents from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Men wearing perfume in Scotland don't survive long.

Pinched nerve - does the pain extend into one arm? Have you tried switching mouse hands?

Devil's Cake - what's that?

jiggs said...

booze of choice: mgd

chore I hate: vaccuuming as well

living arrangment: me, tasty, and my recently arrived housemate stina.

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Good list.

Hmmm, food I refuse to eat? Well definitely spinach. That stuff is just nasty looking. That and I had a bad experience with it as a kid.

Almost yacked from eating it.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ Haha, that is a good one! Oh I will be coming over to see all about you not working anymore!

Hippo ~ Do you have a monkey for a pet? Wow! You were in the hospital last night? Oh I am sorry, are you ok?

Rob ~ Rob, if you heard me talk next to someone from New York, there is a DEFINITE difference, I promise. I would love to hear your you and Hotboy sound the same?
No the neck pain radiates into the lower back portion of my head almost to the back of my ears. I try neck massages, and moist heat...nothing is helping!
Devil's food pound cake is a dark chocolate pound cake dripping with homemade chocolate icing!

Jiggs ~ that some form of Miller beer? You have two housemates, get one of them to vaccum. I am stuck with it, because my cats can't do it! How is the new housemate working out? Do you interview for that?

Neo ~ Oh, if you had a bad childhood experience with it, then I completely understand. Someone tried to make me think some beets were sliced cranberry....EEEWWWW! NOT!
Peace and hugs to you too!

DaMasta said...

I'm up, girlie!


Ellen said...

You matched my phobias to a *T*... they are the only things I have phobias about. And worst chore would have to be ironing... Hate it!
As for Devils Food Cake.... yummy, but I'd have to tie that with Red Velvet Cake as favorites.

R2K said...

Cool page :)

Get these Snakes on a plane, off my plane!

Gyrobo said...

Why do I suddenly crave a roast beef sandich?


Gyrobo said...

Bringing me to my next point: sandiches. Roboshrub Inc. has been grinding them out for years. They're 42% more effective than sandwiches, and 87% more durable. Try a sandich today.

Lee Ann said...

Ellen ~ We do have a lot in common!
Oh, the red velvet cake is awesome too!

Alex ~ I am glad you stopped by. That is so cool that you have a page about snakes in a plane! I hope you will come by again more often.

Gyro ~ You are cracking me up!
I will definitely try a sandich soon!

Lee Ann said...

Roast beef Gyro! Roast beef...roast beef...roast beef....ROAST BEEF....ROAST BEEF...ROAST BEEF

Henri Banks said...

Yep thats you ;-)

WDKY said...

"I am completely monogamous"??? Well, we wake up at pretty much the same time, although not the same time, if you know what I mean...

I'll do it. Really.

R2K said...

Gyrobo has made slices so thin that he couldnt even see them.

Lee Ann said...

Henri ~ :)

wdky ~ It is fun to think what other's are doing at the exact moment I am doing something!

Alex ~ Oh, I bet it is soooo good!

robmcj said...

I have a video somewhere of me and Hotboy talking. I'll post it one day, and you can make up your own mind.

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ That would be great! I look forward to that!

Otis said...

nice blog

Lee Ann said...

Otis ~ Thank you, glad you stopped over here. Hope you will come by more often.