Friday, March 24, 2006

Too much....Glad it's Friday!

Recent research findings show the top five dirtiest places...

Number five: subway handle straps
Number four: elevator buttons
Number three: public bathroom knobs
Number two: internet café computer mouse

And the NUMBER ONE dirtiest place is........... store shopping cart handles


On a different note:

At the gym....

Gold's gym has a movie theatre inside the gym. I know, that is really cool, huh?
There are rows of treadmills, elipticals, stairmasters and bikes facing the big screen.
They play a movie continuously everyday, and each day it is a different movie.
This week I have seen Big Momma, Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day and The Brothers Grimm.

The other day a couple of rows in front of me I saw a girl take off her sweatshirt.
Then she took off her sleeveless t-shirt.
Now she was working on the eliptical wearing sweat pants and a white bra!!!!
Come on, we all wear our shirts in there even when we get hot, why would she do this?
I don't know, I just thought this was a bit much....I know it is no more revealing (or not even as revealing) as a bikini top, but this is UNDERWEAR!
Well, when she got off of the eliptical to leave, I noticed from the front it was a sports bra.
From the front it looked like something you might see a girl wear while working out, but from the back, it looked like a regular white bra that hooked in the back. It even had regular bralike adjustable straps.
So really, what is the big deal, why is it more acceptable for her to be wearing a sports bra while working out and not a regular underwear bra?

I personally wouldn't feel comfortable NOT wearing a t-shirt over my sports bra while working out.
I think I would feel too naked.
Now those of you that have seen my Half-Nekkid pictures are probably thinking yeah, right.
You should know that in real life (in person) I am very modest.
It is different for me when I am in my sports bra showing a little cleavage in my photo (you cannot see my face, or any other part of me at that time). It is a slight angle of me taken at one moment in time.
Anyway, believe it or not, I am very modest and I would not wear just a sports bra to work out.
Her's still looked too much like an underwear bra.


And finally, the weekend is upon us....

It has been a looooong week!
Go ahead, take a nap, relax and enjoy your weekend!

Love you guys!


The Appalachianist said...

Personally, I would have gotten a kick out of that. Probably because I'm a guy. But, as far as attractivness, a little modesty goes a long way. Have a good weekend, Lee Ann, and thanks for the well wishes and stopping by the other day.

Ryan said...

long the pics have a good weekend!

Cherry! said...

Yeah I think the bra thing's a bit ridiculous. Just sweat in your gym gear for crying out loud.

Re the germ infested places: Doesn't that make you want to throw up and start wearing gloves everywhere?????

sabatkes said...

Photos were cute. The HNT was funny- go with the merlot and stay away from the white zin!!

My hubby told me that there are grocery stores in Detroit that give you handwipes for your cart when you come into the store. Now that is freaking cool!

WDKY said...

God, I need the weekend too... enjoy yours, Lee Ann. (And come on over... you asked for my voice and you got it.)

AndyW said...

I would add the keyboards of most of the people I work with to the list of dirtiest places or things.

Have a great weekend.

Henri Banks said...

have a nice weekend lee ann XXX

Glibbidy said...

I'm normally not a napper, but after the big fun I had last night, I need a nap today. I'm worn out, and can't wait for the weekend.

Dave Morris said...

I wanna work out where YOU work out! Girls in bras? Shit, life really IS fair!!!

Bathroom Hippo said...

Aww don't worry. You can come over where I'm at and work out in your bra and panties. I'll even be your coach.

Carslemane Foraix said...


Reckon yer average Aussie dunny must rank up there for dirty places. Definitely don't go near our one if Spud's just taken a dump.

Ellen said...

Other peoples sweat.... ick, ick, ick! Can't blame you for not wanting to touch those germs!

Wish I could lounge out on the sofa like the puppies, but alas, saturday is another work day for me. My mantra: TGIS!

Have a good weekend, and keep warm, the cold weather isn't over yet. Hard to believe that January was nicer than March, huh?

Lee Ann said...

AI ~ I agree, leave a little for the imagination! I hope you have a good weekend too. You really will be in my thoughts and prayers, stay safe in Iraq!

Ryan ~ Thank you, you too!

Cherry ~ Hi! Thank you for stopping by. I agree with the sweat in the gym thing. I was thinking about the germs on the treadmill handles tonight when I was working out! Yuck! I hope you will come back by more often.

Sabatkes ~Oh, you are a Merlot girl! I think champagne would be good tonight! Oh, I heard some of the grocery stores in this area have started giving handwipes for the cart handles too. That is good!

Lee Ann said...

wdky ~ Thank you! Oh, I will come over and check it out...I look forward to i!

Andy ~ Oh yes, keyboards would be a germy place!

Henri ~ Thank you Henri, you too!

Glibbidy ~ I hope you get plenty of rest this weekend! ;0

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ Come on over, I am sure I can get a guest pass! ;)

Hippo ~ Oh, that is so kind of you. You really are a sweet Hippo!

Carsley ~ Hey! I haven't seen you in a while. Oh, I bet that would be a little dirty! haha

Ellen ~ Well, I hope your Saturday goes well. I know, it is supposed to be a little cold here this weekend. Maybe I can get one more good fire in the fireplace this year!

Anonymous said...

Luv ya back, L.A.... Thanks for the amusing bra story. When I spent a summer in the south of France, women would do that all the time... only, they weren't wearing a bra underneath. The whole effect was.. um, less than savory.

I agree with Appalachian Intellectual... A little modesty goes a long way...

Have a great weekend!

hotboy said...

One o clock Saturday morning here. I thought the woman was going to exercise topless for a moment there! Then she unscrewed her arms. Then her head. Getting a bit disjointed at this time in the morning. You must be getting fit! Have a nice weekend! Hotboy

Becky said...


I quit my job, I quit my job, I don't have to work anymore, nah nah nah boo boo! I'm so freaking happy!

p.s. I tagged you!

Lee Ann said...

Nilo ~ Hey, it is good to see you. Yes, I prefer modesty for myself! Have a wonderful weekend.

Hotboy ~ I know, I thought she was going to strip down too! I just kind of felt like it was a bit much. Hope you have a great weekend Hotboy!

Becky ~ Oh, lucky you. That is more work! I will be working on the tag, thanks girl!

BeckEye said...

I no longer want to touch ANYTHING. Except those puppies.

Saur♥Kraut said...

Speaking of dirty places, the Other Half came up with a new one recently: restaurant menus. We use menus that are never wiped down, then help ourselves to bread, french fries, and other finger foods. Eww! Now I carry alcohol gel to the restaurants. They must think we're a family of germophobes!

truckdriver_sefl said...

Have a wonderful weekend Lee Ann!

Shannon said...

I knew shopping carts were the dirtiest thing!! Ughhh, yuck! Loved the cute little puppies!

Have a great/safe weekend!

angel, jr. said...

I'm feeling some results from the gym. I think my man breasts are shrinking.

Lee Ann said...

Beckeye ~ Oh, I know, aren't they adorable!

Saur ~ Oh, yes that is definitely a pool of germs! Oh and all of the equipment at my gym too!

Trucker ~ Thank you, you have a great weekend too!

Shannon ~ I hope you have a great/safe weekend too!

Angel ~ Great, keep up the good work! I am finding the cardio is getting a wee bit easier... I still have a long way to go!

jiggs said...

puppies are cute. I like puppies. Also I like kitties.

I should really stop licking grocery store shopping cart handles!

Rob Seifert said...

Ah lady, modesty comes in so many different shapes and sizes... I wouldn't take my shirt of at the gym. Of course, I don't wear a bra either... ;-)


Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ I knew you would like the puppies. I kind of figured you didn't like kitties too much (kitten in a sandwich). Yeah, you may want to consider licking something other than grocery cart handles! ;)

RCS ~ Hey! It is good to see you. It has been a while. I hope all is well with you. Yeah, sometimes, I am too modest. Oh well. Glad you came by.

robmcj said...

Interesting that toilet seats are nowhere on the list.

That gym with the big screen sounds fab! At home I sometimes use the K-mart step-trainer in front of the new TV, with a pole (like a tightrope-walker's) for balance. As you know, I'm big on balance.

twolf1920 said...

Crapity Crap...Its MONDAY!!!

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ Yes, I would think the toilet seat would be on there. Oh your step-trainer sounds good! I agree with you about balance, it is an important thing.

T ~ Let the sunshine in! ;)

R2K said...

Those dogs are cute... but at least one looks dead.

Get these Snakes on a plane, off my plane!