Friday, March 31, 2006

My Hidden Talent!

Your Hidden Talent
You have the power to persuade and influence others.You're the type of person who can turn a whole room around.The potential for great leadership is there, as long as you don't abuse it.Always remember, you have a lot more power over people than you might think!
I hope you all have a super weekend!
~hugs and kisses


rastaman said...

Hey gurl!

angel, jr. said...

Have a great weekend too!!
And remember to keep working out!!

AndyW said...

My hidden talent is.....

You are a great communicator. You have a real way with words.
You're never at a loss to explain what you mean or how you feel.
People find it easy to empathize with you, no matter what your situation.
When you're up, you make everyone happy. But when you're down, everyone suffers.

truckdriver_sefl said...

Good morning Lee Ann!!

Mine says I am super sensitive easily able to understand situations I tend to solve comlex problems in a flash without needing alot of facts. Decision making is easy I have killer intuition. The right path is always clear and I am a bit of a visionary.

Hey that's pretty cool!!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!!

Leesa said...

I am not sure I want my talents hidden!

lecram sinun said...

Psst... part 2 of "Lies..." has been posted. :)

Lee Ann said...

Rastaman ~ Hey! I am glad you have come to my Castle...please come back.

Angel ~ Thank you, I will, you too!

Andy ~ Oh, that sounds good! I bet you do make everyone happy!

Trucker ~ I think you are a sensitive person from what I can tell. That is cool! Have a great weekend.

Leesa ~, don't ever hide your talents! ;)

Lecram ~ Oh wonderful...I will be over to see. Have a great weekend!

Bathroom Hippo said...

"You pass gas at a rate which exceeds all regulatory quotas. I have informed the government and they are minutes away. Please stand by."

Should I be worried?

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ Hahaha...that's ok! I still love ya! No worries cutie.

Bushmaster said...

Have fun working out and take more pics.

Heather said...

This is me:

You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.
And while this may not seem big, it can be.
It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.
You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

Otis said...


You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.

And while this may not seem big, it can be.

It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.

You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.

what now!

Ellen said...

Have a good weekend, sweetie, and I scour the newspaper about the Edwin McCain concert for next weekend. (Not sure what date he will be playing yet. I'll keep you posted.)

jiggs said...

my hidden talent is cockblocking

Bathroom Hippo said...

Cock blocking?

That some sort of federal program to combat abstinence?

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say Lee Ann!

My 'hidden talent' seemed not appropriate. Anyway, no matter.

Can you tell me more about James Blunt? Is he a rocker?

By the way - have you heard of Grandaddy? Super band!

Or Elecric Soft Parade. Wonderful talent!

Or Danny Cockroach? Young talent!


Shannon said...

Your Hidden Talent

You are both very knowledgeable and creative.
You tend to be full of new ideas and potential - big potential.
Ideas like yours could change the world, if you build them.
As long as you don't stop working on your dreams, you'll get there.

I hope you have a great weekend!! Be safe =)

ticharu said...

I have the power to intimidate cats with my menacing stare!

Lee Ann said...

Bmaster ~ Thank you, it is good seeing you.

Heather ~ like to rock the boat a bit???? have a good weekend too!

Otis ~ I see we have another boat rocker!! That is ok, it makes life interesting.

Ellen ~ I hope you have a fantastic weekend too. I would love to see him perform, it would be even more fun if I could get boyfriend to take me! (he is studying a lot these days)

Jiggs ~ Oh really Jiggsy? Who's cock are you blocking? Dare I ask? hehe

Hippo ~ Funny, I guess you could look at it like that...maybe!

MMIII ~ James Blunt is not really considered a "rocker". I guess more of "alternative pop". He has a great song that is popular called
"You're Beautiful". I haven't heard of those artists, but I will be checking them out. Have a great weekend.

Shannon ~ Don't give up on your dreams! Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

ticharu said...

I've turned over a new leaf and there was a slug hiding there!

Polyman2 said...

May the swartz
be with youuuuu.

Lee Ann said...

Tich ~ I would love to see you do that with Cody (my boy cat), he has an intense stare! That would be cool!
It is good seeing you!

Lee Ann said...

Tich ~ Oh, I stepped on a slug when I was little...eeeewwwww!

Poly ~ ....and also with you!

Christophe said...

I can suck my own cock

Bathroom Hippo said...

That's great Christophe...
Keep reaching for that rainbow.

Mike said...


Gyrobo said...

I have the power to persuade people.

So visit my blog with maximum alacrity.

Ha! Now the question of free will remains in limbo! Bwa ha ha!


Lee Ann said...

Christophe ~ Goodness, I guess that means you are lucky...whenever you want to be!

Hippo ~ *giggle*

Mike ~ Hey! Glad you stopped over here. You are welcome to my castle anytime! CHEERS!

Gyro ~ ...oooohhhh, for some strange reason, I have the urge to visit your blog! ;)

BuccoTom said...

No Lee Ann, it's your body that stops me on a dime. LOL Hope you have a spectacular weekend. Love ya doll

Lee Ann said...

TG ~ You are funny! Thank you, I hope you have a super weekend too!

Otis said...

thanks for comin' by

boo said...

thats a great superpower :)

Dear AL said...

Don't have any hidden talents, but if I did, I think I'll just keep it hidden, until my wife smacks me.

Lee Ann said...

Otis ~ Glad to see you over here.

Boo ~ We all have some sort of hidden talent, don't we? ;)

Al ~ Oh, I think that is wise. Sometimes we cannot reveal our hidden talents...until just the right time! ;)

rastaman said...

Good Sunday to yah, Babygirl.

Lee Ann said...

Thank you Rastaman, same to you!

BeckEye said...

I actually have the power to destroy the universe. Haven't decided if I'm going to use it or not though.

Lee Ann said...

Beckeye ~ If anyone could have that power, I would bet that you do. ;)

Charlotte said...

Hey, I'm from Alabama too

Erik Mann said...

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