Friday, April 07, 2006

Not something you would see everyday.

What? Too many shakes?

Looks like UPS wins!

Come on, just one!

May want to start with spelling!

I think it was the FedEx driver.

I bet he went to the school that teaches Arithetic.

It must have been the FedEx driver.

Have a great weekend everyone!



rastaman said...

Morning Babygirl! Rasta wants what you offer!

Picking buds again today ... sometimes even a Good Rasta Man has to work for his keep!

**peace and stuff .. Rasta

Becky said...

I've got to agree, those crazy ass fed ex drivers, they speed like freaking mad men!

Carslemane Foraix said...

G'day. In the first photo it really does look like Spud in the middle.

angel, jr. said...

Haha! Great way to start the weekends, with the laughter from those pics.

Mr. Althouse said...

FedX drivers doing 167 mph and cell phones! Ronald Mcdonald in custody. Ahhh, all is right in the world. Sotp and do the arithetic!


Bathroom Hippo said...

Sotp? Some sort of gay fad?

I guess Full naked Friday is not your thing?

AndyW said...

I've never enjoyed clowns either.
I would arrest Ronald myself.

Shannon said...

That was some hysterical stuff... I wonder if Ronald was driving the Fed Ex truck while drinking his shakes?? hehe

Have a great weekend!!

Lee Ann said...

Rasta ~ Morning Rasta! You are the sweetest.
Hopefully you won't have the rain like we have here. It is gonna be some bad storms tonight!
The hard work makes you appreciate it more, doesn't it! ;)

~ peace and stuff...Babygirl

Becky ~ Haha, some of them do drive kind of nutsy! But then again, what makes them any different than the rest of the people that drive crazy.
The UPS guy delivered something to my place the other day...he knocked on my door so hard, my kitties ran for cover! It actually startled me as well, but love getting fun things delivered!

Carsley ~ Oh, that must be fun!

Angel ~ Hope you have a great weekend.

Mike ~ I funny!

Hippo ~ full naked for me! 8|
Have a great weekend!

Andy ~ haha, there are a lot of people that are freaked out by clowns. I haven't seen one in so long, I am not sure what I think! Maybe a little uncomfortable!

Shannon ~ You have a great weekend too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, too funny! That FedEx guy gets around, doesn't he?

Have a great weekend!

Ellen said...

I'm glad I'm at home where I can laugh out loud. These are priceless!

One thing about the FedEx and UPS guys... I don't mind getting behind them because I know they won't hold me up on the road. They drive like maniacs.

I think I laughed just as hard at your pictures as I did Mr. Althouses remarks. Y'all are way too funny!
TGIF and have a great weekend!

Gyrobo said...

This is not Friday. There never was such a thing as a Friday. You're thinking of Post-Thursday, or Pre-Saturday.

I know this because I'm a scientist.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I've seen these! Very funny. My fave is the Spelling Poster.

BuccoTom said...

Lee Ann, I will continue lurking, commenting and posting it just may be a little ... intermittent sometimes but I thank you for your kind thoughts and word. You know I can't stay away from the castle for long ... especially when the inhabitant is as sexy as you are. Have a good weekend love.

Glibbidy said...

That mish mosh of cables looks like the switchroom at my office LOL!

rastaman said...

The fire in her eyes lights my way.

*hugs babygirl

DaMasta said...

LOL.. great pics. Those wires look like the ones under my desk. Ack!

Have a great weekend, too, Lee Ann.

Heather said...

Those are funny. And you know you want to switch a few of those wires!!

Have a great weekend!!

Neo said...

Lee Ann - HAHAHAHA!!! That's good stuff.

Have a great weekend. :)

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

robmcj said...

I laughed a lot. My favourite is the arithetic guy.

jiggs said...

have a great weekend lee ann

Henri Banks said...

verry nice how you make this pic i a line with a little comment Have a nice weekend Sweety ;-) !!

hotboy said...

Most enjoyable collection of photies for this Saturday early afternoon! Thanks for making the effort! Hotboy

Bathroom Hippo said...

I was floating down the interstate, when all of the sudden I see this guy start urinating out of his window. I kept honking and screaming until I got closer and realized...that's not urine...that's the damn reflection of my lights on the guard rails. Then a cop pulled me over.

Lee Ann said...

Nilo ~ Thank you Nilo, you have a wonderful weekend.

Ellen ~ I know, MikeA. comments had me laughing too! Have a great weekend.

Gyro ~ I knew you must be a scientist! Hope your day after the day before is a good one!

Saur ~ I think that is my favorite one too!

Lee Ann said...

TG ~ Thank you TG, I hope you will always feel welcome here at the Castle. You take care of yourself. Hugs to you!

Glib ~ Oh my goodness, that is a mess of some wires isn't it? haha

Rasta ~ ...A burning candle-flame of blue and gray. I've seen it dimmed, I've seen it bright, And I've been blinded by her light. I don't want the darkness I want her to stay...
*~*~Are you singing that for me Rasta...ummm!
~hugs to you from Babygirl

Damasta ~ Hope you don't get tangled in them! Have a great one!

Lee Ann said...

Heather ~ You are right, I do want to switch those wires. :D
Have a great one too!

Neo ~ I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Peace and hugs to you too!

Rob ~ I knew you would like that one, I do too. Have a super weekend.

Jiggs ~ Jiggsy, you have been kind of quiet lately...I heart you. Big hug to you.

Lee Ann said...

Henri ~ Thank you, you have a great weekend too cutie!

Hotboy ~ I glad to give you a smile. Hope your weekend is going well so far!

Hippo ~ Now that made me laugh! Love that Hippo.

rastaman said...

Babygirl, I left this little love bite for you yesterday ... didn't want you to miss it. Bob Marley is singing our tune!

Babygirl ... Rasta goes higher and higher in search of your castle. He swims the moat, scales the walls, knocks on your heart's door. *hugs too you!

Lee Ann said...

Rasta ~ babygirl loves that. Thank you Rasta.

~ big hugs to you... Babygirl

mr_g said...

Probably would've been easier if he's written Mathematicks....

ticharu said...

Everyone else beat me to the punch line in this case, but I do remember having serious lust over a female Fed Ex driver that I used to see everyday on one of my delivery routes when I was young and prone to such indulgences...

boo said...

great signs. hope your weekend was nice {{lee ann}}

WDKY said...

Weekend? Where did it go?

Henri Banks said...

Deat Lee Ann can you tell me the name of the Fleetwood Mac song i LOVE it i MUST have IT !!!

Henri Banks said...

I mean Dear Lee Ann ;-)

Lee Ann said...

Mr. G ~ Hey! Yes, that is a good one. Hope you will come by more often.

Tich ~ Oh, aren't those good memories though!

Boo ~ Hope your weekend is great too!

Wdky ~ I know, they are definitely too short.

Henri ~ That is Landslide, it is great isn't it!

sabatkes said...

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend. Lots of insight on the HNT this week!

Henri Banks said...

Lee Ann this song is more than great I L O V E I T

Alecia said...

I always thought Ronald gave off that pedophile vibe.

Lee Ann said...

Sabatkes ~ Thank you, I hope your's went well too! Wow, it is almost gone!

Henri ~ I am glad you like it Henri. Fleetwood Mac was my favorite group at one time.

Alecia ~ Yeah, kind of strange...a clown that is suppose to make kids feel at home while eating a hamburger. Maybe it is just a clown thing.

Henri Banks said...

mine to but i forgot them ,the samishin pumpkins did that song to!!