Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Too sensitive for my own good!

Ok, I am going to share with you my latest experience at the gym.

I get to the gym, get changed and head off to the movie room. For those of you that do not remember, my gym has a theatre room that is dark that shows a different movie everyday, continuously throughout the day. A new movie is shown each day. There are rows of treadmills, elliptical, stair steppers, and bikes (tiered just like in the movie theatre).
It is great; it makes the time fly by.

Anyway, I went into the theatre and spotted the treadmill I was going to use.
It was on the second row by the wall and the treadmill next to it has not been working for several days. (That in itself has been humorous. Person after person steps on it and starts pushing all the buttons trying to make it turn on, then finally gives up. What is funny is to see which people spend the most time trying to figure it out. I thought from a distance it is pretty clear that it doesn't work as it has absolutely no lights on, whereas the others do!)
Okay, I get on the treadmill and start my workout.
There she is! You know, that girl that insists on working out in her bra! I saw her come in and go to the elliptical. She was wearing a little spaghetti strap tank top. I thought; well, this time she will not be working out in her bra because she barely has a top on....wrong! There it goes, she pulls the top off. I know it is a sports bra, but I wonder if she realizes it looks like a regular bra from the back! Oh well, who cares right?

So, I start watching the movie which is Armageddon. I have seen it before, but not in a long time.
At the end, I cried!
Yes, right there on the treadmill while I was working out. It wasn't just a little tear in the eyes, but real crying with tears streaming down my face. Ok, I wasn't boohooing and making sob sounds, but I was crying.
There were two things on my side.
One...I was next to the wall with no one working out next to me (and it was dark).
Two...I was sweating...uh, I mean glistening (yeah, right) so much, the tears on my face were not even noticeable.
Well! It was sad! I know I know, I am too sensitive for my own good.

But I tell you what; my workout was awesome, good speed, good heart rate and good length of time. That hour went by fast!

I hope you all have a pleasant day!

That really is my smile (see, I do have teeth :)


Anonymous said...

Great story! I love doing the treadmill or elliptical while I'm distracted by a movie.

And you have beautiful teeth!

Nice day to you! :)

hotboy said...

My daughter watched Armageddon when she was about twelve. Afterwards she said: "Bruce Willis is just like my dad." Was worth all the sleepless nights! Anyway, get a photie of this exerciser. I used to do yoga in mixed classes, but I always stood staring at the wall ... otherwise you can fall over! Hotboy. p.s. envy the teeth shot! American teeth! pps second comnment again. The boy with the shades is a speed freak, right?

jac said...

You cried with out a sound means you really, really cried, but It is nothing to be ashamed off.

If that is your smile and if that is your teeth...then that is a lovely smile.

The Husband said...

i've heard those cardio theaters are pretty cool. have a wonderful wednesday.

Lee Ann said...

Nilo ~ It makes the time go by so much faster, doesn't it?
Thank you, I don't smile with my teeth too often, but thank you.
You have a nice day!

Hotboy ~ Oh, that is the sweetest thing that your daughter could have said. I know you are a wonderful dad. Thank you, I didn't know American teeth are different.

jac ~ I know, I cry too easily some times. It is just me though ;)
Thank you, so nice of you to say.

Carl ~ Yes, it is cool, if you ever have the chance to work out in one, you should. Just come to Birmingham, I will take you! :)
The smile (with teeth) is for you Carl! Have a great day!

rastaman said...

So beautiful.

*peace and hugs Babygirl.

Ellen said...

I can't watch Extreme Home Makeover, the news, or anything sad without a box of kleenix... and I'm not even in the throes of menopause yet, but have been told it's one of the symptoms. Yikes!

Good for you on the workouts, and keeping with it. It takes a lot of willpower to stay with it, and I applaud your efforts!

Great teeth... it shows that you take care of those beauties!

Lee Ann said...

Rasta ~ Thank you, so much.
Glad you have come to visit me at the Castle.
~peace and hugs from Babygirl

Ellen ~ I have been like this my whole life. I seem to cry at everything, but I may have been even worse when I was younger! hmmm....
The workouts seem to be easier if I stay in a routine.
Thank you, you can usually catch me smiling with my teeth showing when laughing or playing around, but not usually for pictures!

Heather said...

I cry at the end of that movie, every single time. Would have been blubbering right next to you.

Thanks for the hugs, Lee Ann. Hope your day is great.

Edge said...

I think topless workouts should not be optional for women! Still trying to convince my wife of this when she works out. She's bought 5 seasons of Friends and is about to buy the other 5 with rebates from the first 5. Everyday it's Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe.


Gyrobo said...

What are tears if not the sweat of one's eyes?

Eye vomit?! That's disgusting...

Saur♥Kraut said...

But was Bra Babe crying, too? Creepy; I'm all for working out in a sports bra mini top type deal, but if it LOOKS like a bra, FORGET IT.

Lee Ann said...

Heather ~ girls, that's what we are! ;)

Jef ~ Oh, I love Friends. I have through season 6...only 4 more to go!

Gyro ~ Oh, you do make it sound least they are clear!

Saur ~ I don't know, I could only see Bra babe from the back. Although, she was one of the ones that tried to get the dead treadmill next to me to work *hehe*
I promise, I am not ugly, as it may sound, to anyone!

Bathroom Hippo said...

Oh baby. Lee Ann's glistening hot glistening body. Calm down....

Can't wait for HNT.

Becky said...

To this day, I've never been into a gym. I insist that whatever can be done in a gym can be done elsewhere without spending so much money, lol. I'm just cheap really, lol. But Chris still goes to the gym.

Lee Ann said...

hippo ~ Oh yes, there is plenty of glistening when I am working out! :|

Becky ~ that is part of what keeps me going...$$$ ;)

truckdriver_sefl said...

Great story Lee Ann

Hope you have a great evening!!

Tumbleweed said...

teeth....yay! Bitch in a I wish my gym had something like that. Ours has mirrors that go up high enough for the 5 foot people to look in, but I get to stare at a blank wall...maybe that is why I don't go....or just lazy.

WDKY said...

I can identify, Lee Ann... I cried at Backdraft. I wasn't in a bra, though.

Lee Ann said...

Trucker ~ Thank you, I hope you have a nice night too!

Tumble ~ Oh, I wish you could go to my gym with me and workout in the theatre room, you would be hooked.

wdky ~ Oh, I am glad you were not wearing a bra while watching Backdraft. :) I know I would have cried too.

jiggs said...

yay for teeth!

I tear up at the end of action movies. But I don't cry because i'm a boy.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ I know, boys are strong like that!

Dave Morris said...

Maybe a Dolly Parton movie would be appropriate for the bra girl.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ haha, that is an idea!

Cherry! said...

Fancy the day I come back to read your blog it's about Bra Girl getting her gear off again! How funny!

Re the crying: I was going to say the same as you 'perspiration'! Or if anyone noticed you could have just pretended to pull your hamstring and hobble back to the change room.

Lee Ann said...

Cherry ~ Haha...That is funny, I will keep that one in mind!
As far as the bra babe, I was telling boyfriend the other day that some people just don't know how to act when they go to the gym, just too self absorbed. I should write about it! ;)

robmcj said...

People-watching's such a good hobby, especially at the gym.

Hotboy's right about U.S. teeth and the photo.

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ I am a people watcher, for sure. The teeth thing is interesting! Thank you.