Monday, September 11, 2006

How do you start your week?

I know everyone has seen those pictures of what people do to someone else's desk while they are out of the office. (Like wrapping everything in aluminum foil).

Well, not too long ago...
... two of my friends at work and myself "decorated" our boss's office one morning before he came in. We didn't have much time, but did the best we could with post-it notes.
The pictures don't really do it justice because it looked much better from inside the room.

We had the post-it notes all over the fronts and backs of the chairs, covering every picture hanging on the wall to the right side of his desk, covering the entire desk, credenza, book shelf, computer, monitor and even inside the leaves of his ficus tree.

He was slightly amuzed.
We didn't get the kind of response we had hoped for.
We helped him clean it up. It took a lot longer to clean up than to mess up!
Well, he is the boss!

Have you ever done anything like this?

Here is to having a good Monday!


Foto Man said...

Did you re use the post its ? Gawd , there a ton of it you gals used .
It's funny 'though .

Becky said...

Bosses can suck sometimes. He should've shown more appreciation, that prolly took a while to put all those up!

Cinderella said...

Do tampons and ketchup count? *Shrug*...if not than, no, I haven't =P

I thought it was a cute gesture!

coach said...

I am sure your bass woul've been more happy had you used dollar bills to plaster all over his stuff .
In any case , he shd. be happy --- you continue to stick w/ him !

BKS said...

My boss works first shift and I work 3rd shift so we usually meet each other in the driveway at work haha. I guess I could find a key to his office and mess around with stuff. Cool prank!!

Lee Ann said...

Foto ~ No, we did not re-use them. We had an overstock of the address post-its used for faxing. We never use them at all. We only ended up using about 1/4 of all of what we had in stock.

Becky ~ It did take a while, but we were doing it as fast as we could to get the most effect out of it.
He was pretty cool about it, but in a slight bad mood that morning to begin with.

Shan ~ are too funny

Lee Ann said...

Coach ~ Yes...we will stick with him. ;) He is a cool boss.

Brad ~ You will have to let me know if you decide to do something. :)

Osbasso said...

In my early days of teaching, you could pretty much leave your house/car unlocked and not have to worry about it. My students got into my car on my birthday and stuffed it with newspapers, balloons and styrofoam peanuts. Then they proceeded to Silly String the outside of the car. It was a pain in the ass, but it could have been so much worse!

Needless to say, I locked my house/car after that!

jamwall said...

i frequently sabotage our surveys guy and his office.

i gift wrapped his keyboard, mouse and various items on his desk.

before that, i rearranged the letters on his keyboard to spell out his name (its hard to do that if the person in question has two characters of the same letter, by the way).

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Bet you can't stand us little delinquents, huh? :D

Jams ~ Awww...we would make good partners in crime! *giggle*
(my name would be hard to do on the keyboard ;)

Jason said...

It looks good to me. I'd be flattered.

To answer your post question, normally I'd start it upbeat but because of the signifigance of this day it's starting out with a downer.

Fred said...

We did move every single desk out of another teacher's room once. He loved it so much he put a fart machine in my room.

MIA said...

Funny! i am a boss and I have a boss. We have both had our times of employee sabotage. Most in fun. There was a time though when we had to let someone go, his idea of a farewell was throwing full coke cans at both our cars

Fame said...

L, This is priceless. LOL! I have never done anything like that, but then again I never had a boss that knew how to laugh. F

Ellen said...

Lee Ann the prankster.... I never would have thought that. At least it wasn't anything too messy and dangerous... only too cute, and good thing the boss took it mostly in stride.

Lee Ann said...

Jason ~ Thanks! We were pretty impressed with ourselves! haha
I think it is always good to start off a Monday as positive as possible, in hopes it carries through the week.

Fred ~ Oh that is too funny! I love it.

Mia ~ Yes, normally, I would say if someone does that to you is because they like you, unless they go too far as the guy with the coke cans. Ooooh, not a good move on his part.

Lee Ann said...

Fame ~ He is a great boss. He did find it amusing. I don't think I have had too many bosses where I could have done this. It was fun.

Ellen ~ I love a good prank, as long as it isn't harmful. It was all in good fun! ;)

robmcj said...

Re the 3-day fish rule - that's eerie. My grandfather used to say exactly the same thing! You and I are fish twins!

I'm sure you re-used the post-it notes, right? ;)

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ Of course our grandfathers said the same and I are too much alike.
You know, my grandfather was a Scots...Robertson.

We wanted to reuse the post-its. They were from an overstock of address post-its used for faxing. We gathered them up, but still have not reused them.

truckdriver_sefl said...

LOL!! Yall did good!

Lee Ann said...

Trucker ~ Thanks! ;)

jiggs said...

If I was your boss, I would have left it that way. then no matter where I was in my office, I would always have something to doodle on. and by doodle I mean pee. not really.

hotboy said...

You look a bit like Nana Mouskouri and that woman Bledell! I've never done anything to my boss because I'm not allowed to by the law. Decapitating your boss is probably against the law even in Tennessee! Hotboy

The Appalachianist said...

That was funny.

NMOTB said...

That is so funny! The worst is to put salt in the kettle! Man you should see the peoples faces when they drink their tea or coffee and then double check to see if they put sugar or salt in!

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ Hey, now there is idea!
You are too cute.

Hotboy ~ Bledell was one of the pictures that came up with several of my photo entries.
So, I take it you do not like your boss! ;)

App ~ Hey sweetie

nmotb ~ Oh that would be a riot! Aren't you a little devilish. Very funny! ;)

sans said...

thats great!

Michael Dingler said...

The best thing me and some co-worker did, originally as a joke, was set our bosses office on fire. It was a bag of poop in his office garbage can, which ordinarily would've been funny...had the rest of stuff in the office hadn't of caught fire. So, we ended up burning down half of his office. The most embarassing part was when the cops and firefighters showed up and we had to blame it on someone else. Since the 'three' of us saw the same guy did it, he got arrested and spent sixteen months in prison for arson. Better him than me.

Lee Ann said...

Sans ~ Thank you for stopping over here...hope you will come by more often!

Michael~ Hey! came to see me! I am really glad to see your face here.
That is some,
I can't believe it turned out that way.
I guess your boss wasn't too pleased with it!