Friday, September 29, 2006


More weirdness....I was on my way to the gym after work and I saw a man walking up the median of a major highway carrying a big cross on his shoulder! Right in the middle of rush hour traffic. He did not look like a religious figure (as he was not wearing a robe or religious attire of any kind). He was wearing a nice casual shirt and khaki pants. What the heck?????


I saw a little scrawny stray cat in a parking lot of the grocery store on Wednesday. I felt so sad for him that I went home after work and got some cat food. Then I drove back. It had been several hours since I had seen him, so I wasn't sure if the little cat would still be there. I just know he was hungry. When I pulled up, the little cat was lying on the pavement. I got out of my car and placed a little bowl filled with cat food, down near the curb of the grass median. Even though I had not gotten too close, the cat ran off when I got out of the car. I waited in my car for a while and he did not come back. I went into the store, got a few things, then drove back by. He was still not around. I hope he finds the food.

I drove back over to the parking lot on Thursday. There was no sign of the cat and the little bowl of cat food was no longer there. I suppose someone cleaned the parking lot and threw it away. I did drive around the parking lot to see if the cat was still there, but I never saw him. I hope he will be all right. :(


The President of the United States ~ George W. Bush, was in Birmingham yesterday. Nothing else special to notate other than it is not every day the President comes to town. (Unless you live in D.C.)


I get to do something fun next month (in October)....Art on the Rocks!
I think it will be great fun.
Do any of you have any fun stuff coming up?

Have a great weekend everyone!
Love you all!


NIKEY said...

Maybe the man you saw carrying the cross is none other than Pres. Bush -- repenting for all his sins !

The Husband said...

you get the good Samaritan Award for giving that cat food. i hope the cat was able to eat as well.

Osbasso said...

Bummer about the cat. Probably finicky and didn't like what you were offering!

Nothing out of the ordinary this weekend. A little wall painting for a friend, a gig, lots of football.

coach said...

That's really odd - 3 strange showing

- man w/ cross
- scrawny cat
- unpopular president

The 1st is asking for forgiveness , the 2nd for food and the 3rd for your votes !

Bathroom Hippo said...

Bush came to my house...told me Lee Ann was a doll.

Yeah...Rumsfeld pulls the strings!

Mystical Me said...

Hi sweetheart,
Sounds a lot like what happened to me with my new kitty. :)
Ive missed ya babe, so I wanted to see how everything was with you. I hope all is well. Do take care sweetheart. Love always, MM XOXO

truckdriver_sefl said...

The prez huh??

Tell him to get out of the way cause next week the trucker is coming to Bama everyday!! hehehe!

Have a great weekend Lee Ann!

amera hearts said...

Have a good weekend Lee Ann!

ps. i hate cats!

ticharu said...

A man with a cross walking down the medien, the president of the United States, gee wiz, all the crazy people come to Birmingham! What next, hot chicks leaving food bowls lying about in parking lots???
OH! YOU saw a cat! SURE!!! That's OK Lee Ann, these nice people just want to talk to you. Are you feeling OK? Have you ever seen a room like this? Yes, the walls are padded, isn't that neat?

The Appalachianist said...

Hey Lee Ann, I just stopped to flirt. Be sweet..

hotboy said...

My comment's disappeared again! Yeah, you get a lots of brownie points for trying to help the cat! Hotboy

Bathroom Hippo said...

-hug for Lee Ann, my current best friend-


sans said...

You see the coolest stuff.

Metalchick said...

Aww poor kitty! I hope he's OK too! Maybe that man carrying that cross was a way of welcoming Bush, after all, Bush does shove his religion down our throats.
One time, when I was in Hollywood, a man runs around carrying a sign that says something like "Praise God, Bush is President" I don't remember the exact words, but that's basically what the sign was about. Anyways he's shouting "Woohoo!! Praise the Lord, Bush is our President!" I shouted back to him "God is not a Republican or a Democrat!"

Alistair! said...

And why would you want Bush to come to your town everyday?

Becky said...

Poor kitty cat! Reminds me, I got nicknamed the cat whisperer before, b/c I can make any stray cat come up to me if I try...

robmcj said...

I have absolutely no fun on the horizon till I escape from Piddledorf. Nice work with the cat Lee Ann. Regards from rob.

David Amulet said...

I wish you would have taken some pix of the cross-bearing dude. Odd stuff.

Maybe it's the end of days.

-- david

Saur♥Kraut said...

You're a big sucker for animals, just as I am. I can't blame you! Hope kitty's OK.

BeckEye said...

Maybe the first guy was Mel Gibson?

jiggs said...

I went to an amusement park over the weekend. I rode the spongebob squarepants ride. it was rad.

Ellen said...

Going out of your way to feed the stray cat just shows what a big heart you have.... but then we knew that all along.
Hope you had a great weekend!

JLee said...

Did you say "howdy" to George for me!? lol

jamwall said...

happy horribly belated friday!

oh it monday already?

Lee Ann said...