Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Monday...well Tuesday Random stuff

I hope everyone had a good Labor day weekend and for those of you that don't have a holiday for Labor day, I hope your weekend was a good one.

My brother and his family came in town on Friday night and stayed at my parent's house. We met at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner and margaritas. They do have the best margaritas around.

Dinner was great, but that is all I can say about that evening.

Saturday, I did some laundry and cleaning. I took a nap....which I never do. I didn't mean to, it just happened. When I woke up, I decided to go to a movie. I went to see Accepted. It was entertaining, not my favorite movie, but definitely good for a few laughs.

Sunday, I went to brunch at the Country Club with my parents, brother and his family and my sister and her family. My parents picked me up because I am on the way.
The food was wonderful, as always.
I ended up enjoying this outing more than I had expected.
My brother and sister's families decided to stay to swim, except my oldest nephew. He rode back with us.
I ended up falling asleep on the couch. Another nap! Wow, I guess I was finally catching up on my sleep.
After a while, I decided to go over to my parent's house. My brother and his family were going to leave to go home that night to avoid heavy Labor day traffic on Monday. Dad cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. My two little nephews cried as they were leaving. They hugged me and said they didn't want to go home. They are so adorable.

Monday.....just a lazy day of doing whatever. Housecleaning, gym and getting things ready for work on Tuesday.

So, there you have it, my Labor day weekend. What did you do?


Mr. Cabrera said...

I worked with the kids all weekend!

Lee Ann said...

Mr. C ~ Oh yeah, that's right, I hope you had a little fun! ;)

AndyW said...

My weekend seemed to flyyyyyyy byyyy
Cut grass, cleaned basement, went to the zoo, grilled Sat, Sun and Mon. for dinner.

Lee Ann said...

Andy ~ Oh, I love going to the zoo. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Good! ;)

Bathroom Hippo said...

Hey Lee Ann,

How's the gym? How much weight have you lost? A billion pounds?

Anyway. Yah I had relatives over the weekend as well. I got to play with my neices and cousins. My neices are so cute.

BKS said...

Other than a nice date on Friday I did not get much done. Read a lot of blogs....scanned some pics.....took some new pics....edited them....speaking of new pic I like your new one. As always you are so sexy. And no pics of the adorable nephews? Shame shame :P


hotboy said...

After hearing the horns from the viking longships in the Firth of Forth, I knew Brian Wilson would soon be at my door! We tried to go boozing in the bars, but you can't smoke in Scottish pubs anymore, so poor Brian's days with the viking helmet on are over, I'm afraid. We ended up sitting in Poisonous's back garden in the cold. Fortunately, I was quite anaesthetised by then. Hotboy

coach said...

It's always like that when saying goodbyes to your loved ones . As they say ' Parting is such a sweet sorrow ' . Indeed .

Cinderella said...

I spent my labor day weekend, shopping and with my dad!! But I ended up sick and still am...I think it's from my daughter, she started school and with that brings germs!! Ughhh!!

Naps are good, get them when you can...they recharge you!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ Gym is going good, thanks for asking. Well, not a billion pounds, but 12 last month.
How old are your neices? I bet they are cute. My nephews are five and three.

Brad ~ Ooooh yes, that is right, a nice date. Good for you. Thank you for your kind words. No, I don't have any pictures of the sweet little nephews...sorry! ;)

Hotboy ~ You seem to always have such a fun time. The smoking indoors only leaves you with smelly clothes the next day!
I am sure you were anaesthetised...*giggle*

Polyman2 said...

Took the Poly family out on a rowboat for a once around the lake
in a beautiful east end park.
Closed the pool up for the season-
always a heartbreak moment from the little Poly's.
...also drank a lot of scotch and had an expensive cigar.

Lee Ann said...

Coach ~ I know, those sweet boys. It just warmed my heart when they came to me and said "I love you Aunt Lee".

Shannon ~ Shopping~good...sick~bad. I am sorry you are sick. Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Lee Ann said...

Poly ~ It sounds like you had a great weekend! So glad you could relax with some nice scotch and a good cigar.

MyUtopia said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend. I was pretty busy too! I wish three day weekends came around more often.

Ellen said...

I'm a firm believer in naps.... as many as you can get, and as many as you need! Good for your body to take over and make you have them!

Me... I had to cater a birthday party on Sunday night, and just played and played the day before and day after. Hooray for an extra day off, but UGGGG to getting back into the swing of things today.

Foto Man said...

Coach , I though you meant ' Farting is such a .. ' In any case , Lee Ann I'm glad you have nice naps . I'm sure you are feeling reinvigorated . Naps are reinvigorating like drinking Red Bull .

The Husband said...

i mowed my parents lawn.

i thatched (power raked) my parents lawn

i aerated my parents lawn.

now i have 3 blisters.

Lee Ann said...

Myutopia ~ Yes, I hope you had fun too.

Ellen ~ Wow, you had a busy weekend. I bet it flew by. Have a great week.

Foto ~ Haha
I did have nice naps, although I usually do not like to take naps. It messes up my regular sleep. I have a friend that drinks redbull. He swears by them.

Carl ~ I am sorry. Sounds like you need a kiss for your booboo.

Becky said...

You really took two naps in one day, Sounds like a great day!

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Here's another one talking about food!!!! ARRRRGHHH!

I spent the holiday laid up on the couch sick as a dog. I'm doing a bit better tonight. I didn't eat for two days. Think I'll go make some toast.

Glad you had a good holiday.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Jason said...

I just worked, but it wasn't all bad. Love the new profile pic.

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ haha...napping, sometimes you just have to, right!

Neo ~ Oh, I am so sorry. I hope you are feeling better. If I were there I would bring you some hot tea.

Jason ~ I am glad, I don't know how your wife isn't worried to pieces when you go to work!
Thank you cutie.

MIA said...

My daughter and I spent the weekend in Florida visiting family, beach, great food, fun!

jamwall said...

screw it, i'm back and shit like that.

Lee Ann said...

Mia ~ Sounds like a great time! Hope you have a wonderful week.

Jams ~ Hey! I have missed you. Glad you are back. ;)

robmcj said...

I can see you're something of a margarita connoisseur. When Menzies gets here, I think you'll find he spent his weekend mixing MGTs. As for me, I renewed my acquaintance with green tea. What a lift!

jiggs said...

Sounds so relaxing! I was on a roadtrip to southern california where i met with friends and I also met up with miss kendra. It was fun, but traveling always leaves me exhausted!

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ There are only a few places that I will drink Margaritas. If they use cheap tequila, I cannot drink them. My stomach can tell after the first sip. I enjoy a good one or two, but I am not a big drinker. I tried green tea the other day. It was good!

Jiggs ~ Yes, my weekend was too relaxing. It made it hard to get back to work. I hope you had fun, now it is time for you to have a vacation from being on vacation. :)