Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Montana Lustytush ~ That's me!


See what your stripper name will be:

We all need a little stress-reliever! This only takes a minute. Please don't be a prude and not participate. Take a minute to be silly...

Follow the instructions to find your new name. Once you have your new name, leave it in a comment.

1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:

a = Fantasia

b = Chesty

c = Starr

d = Diamond

e = Montana

f = Angel

g = Sugar

h = Mimi

i = Lola

j =Kitty

k = Roxie

l = Dallas

m = Princess

n = Heidi

o = Bambi

p = Bunny

q = Brandy

r = Sugar

s = Candy

t = Raquelle

u = Sapphire

v = Cinnamon

w = Blaze

x = Trixie

y = Isis

z = Jade

2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half of your new last name:

a = Leather

b = Dream

c = Sunny

d = Deep

e = Heaven

f = Tight

g = Shimmer

h = Velvet

i = Lusty

j = Harley

k = Passion

l = Dazzle

m = Dixon

n = Spank

o = Glitter

p = Razor

q = Meadow

r = Glitz

s = Sparkle

t = Sweet

u = Silver

v = Tickle

w = Cherry

x = Hard

y = Night

z = Amber

3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half of your new last name:

a = hooter

b = horn

c = tower

d = fire

e = thighs

f = hips

g = side

h = jugs

i = shock

j = cocker

k = brook

l = tush

m = sizzle

n = ridge

o = kiss

p = bomb

q = cream

r = thong

s = heat

t = whip

u = cheeks

v = rock

w = hiney

x = button

y = lick

z = juice

Tell me what your new name is!

Have a good day all of you...Blaze Sunnyridge, Bambi Leathertush, Mimi Glitterridge.....


Becky said...

Starr Heaven Tush. I really like yours though! Lustytush, that's great!

Jason said...

Shake it lustytush!!!!!


Edge said...

Angel Leather Thong? Why can't I just be Big Dick Trickle?


Cinderella said...

Hmmm Fantasia Leathertush..ohhh yeah baby!! lol

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ ooh Starr, I like that one!

Jason ~ just for you!

Jef ~ Wow, Leatherthong...that is cool!

Shannon ~ Fantasia! That is excellent! :)

The Husband said...

mine is mimi glitter ridge.

Lee Ann said...

Carl ~ I knew that...look at the bottom line in my post! ;)

Osbasso said...

I've been calling you that all along. What's the big deal??? ;-)

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ haha....you are funny!

Bathroom Hippo said...

Dallas Velvet Shock! LOL

Angela said...

Sugar Night-Thong

OB Juan said...

Sugar LeatherTower?! -

Ellen said...

Dallas LeatherTower here....LOL!
Hmmmm....I wonder if I am any relation to Ob Juan.

Aliecat said...

Lola Sunnyjugs...yes, they are very sunny, thank you!

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ Wooooo Velvetshock! Sounds pretty sexy to me!

Angela ~ Sugar Nightthong, hmmm...sounds sweet and naughty at the same time! Glad you stopped by. I hope you will come by more often.

Ob ~ Wow, sweet and strong at the same time! Of course, right?

Ellen ~ Dallas...very cute for a girl, now maybe you and sweet hippo are related?!!!!

Lee Ann said...

Alie ~ Hahaha, you have me giggling out loud. Mine are too! Haha. Ok, I now call you Lola!!!!!! :)

Booty J Patrol said...

Sugar Deephorn... I don't know what that means.

Lee Ann said...

Booty ~ I can tell you what it sounds like! ;)

amera hearts said...

Montans Silver Heat. What a lame name!

MIA said...


Chelle said...

Starr SilverShock?? Ewww....lol I don't think I like that name!! LOL

Fame said...

Montana Tickle Thighs here how can I be of service? LOL!

Spinning Girl said...

Lola Lustythong at your service!

Michael Dingler said...

Starr Lustyridge - I feel like such a dirty whore! Oh, wait, I am a dirty whore!

Mr. Althouse said...

Starr Dazzlejugs -
If they could see me now!

robmcj said...

Hi Lee Ann, nice to hear from you at my place. I've been out of touch as you can imagine. Hope your weekend wasn't too bad. Things are looking up at this end.

All the best, Chesty Glitter-Jugs.

Lee Ann said...

Amera ~ Montana Silverheat haha...you rhymed!

Mia ~ Fantasia Leatherheat you must be a dream come true! ;)

Chelle ~ Starr Silvershock...sleek new name you have...three S's!

Lee Ann said...

Fame ~ Your new name, Montana Ticklethighs makes me want to giggle.

SG ~ Your new name just rolls off the tongue...Lola Lustythong

Michael ~ Aren't you though Starr Lustyridge! haha

Lee Ann said...

Mike ~ Starr Dazzlejugs...your new name gives me a bright vision!

Rob ~ Chesty Glitterjugs I am glad things are looking up for you. I would be a mess at this point, I really don't like flying, but the first class treatment you are getting would help!
Oh, love your new name Chesty!

Anonymous said...

Starr Heavenfire here ... LOL ... this is fun

Lee Ann said...

Bella ~ Starr Heavenfire, I like that! Sounds exciting!

Anonymous said...

Fantasia Sweetkiss in da house......yeah,.....THAT fits me haha


truckdriver_sefl said...


Montana Glitter Hips!!

Now thats funny!

jiggs said...

sugar leatherheat! I'm a dom!

Heather said...

Fantasia Deephooter

sans said...


--Heidi Leatherlick

Moosekahl said...

Star Heavenridge

Phain said...

I'm "Candy Glitter Kiss" - not too bad, not too bad... ;)

Lee Ann said...

Brad ~ I mean Fantasia...haha, glad you are in da house!

Trucker ~ I would have never guessed you as Glitterhips! Wow, sexy!

Jiggs ~ haha...You are a bad boy, I knew it all along Jiggsy! :)

Lee Ann said...

Heather ~ oh my...that is a good one!

Sans ~ Miss Heidi Leatherlick... now that is good!

Moose ~ Starr Heavenridge, very celestial...cute!

Le chat ~ I think that is one of the sweetest one's I have heard yet!

LiveLee said...

Montana Glitz-shock,
not too exciting.

but if i use my nick name from childhood with my maiden name it becomes Heidi Leatherside.
a bit distinguished, eh?