Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday's random stuff

**Thursday, I was in class ALL day. It was one of my Continuing Education classes for my insurance producer's licenses.
The instructor was a guy from FEMA talking about flood insurance.

**Friday, I took the day off and played ;)

**Do you remember a couple of weeks ago me telling you about the advertisement truck that was parked on the side of the highway? Well, I was behind it on Saturday so I took a picture of it.

The advertisements continually roll and are on both sides and the back of the truck. This time, the truck was going up and down the highway, it was not parked.

**I saw Lady in the Water on Saturday night. It wasn't bad, in fact it was better than I expected it to be.

**Sunday was my Dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! We had brunch and cake at the country club.

**There was a very strange storm on Sunday afternoon. It did not rain very hard, but the lightning was striking all around, creating enormous thunder.
I tried to get a picture of the lightning, but it would have been pure luck to click that quickly.

The sky looked so cool, don't you think?

Have a great week!



Osbasso said...

Kisses right back!

Don't know what that wet stuff on your windshield was. Does it come off easily?

lecram sinun said...

The sky is great but your lips... ::sigh::

I've been writing all weekend... started a new insane project on my blog that you may enjoy. :)

Bathroom Hippo said...


Violet said...

dave and i were thinking about going to see lady in the water, but we ended up going with my little brother to see clerks 2. it also was much better than anticipated.

Phain said...


rastaman said...

Peace and hugs to you, Babygirl!

Everything about you is beautiful.

Rasta wishes your Dad a Happy Birthday, too.

angel, jr. said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!

Shannon said...

First of all, I love this song

Secondly, I love storms like that..Love them!! Sooo romantic when you are with that certain someone.

And that truck should be off the road foreverrrr!! Wow!

Ohhh and lol @Hippo

Have a great day!! xoxo

Polyman2 said...

Yea, the sky here in NY was pretty electric the last few rain storms.
An ad truck- what will they think of next?
Everything is a commercial.

coach said...

What a shot ! You will make a good stormchaser or ambulance chaser . You are cool under pressure. Thanks for weather update .

Fred said...

It's a great week already. I only had a half day of planning!

MyUtopia said...

Insurance is yucky, but necessary.

amera hearts said...

liked the storm piture. i like lightning!

john said...

Great. You have a camera with you all the time huh !
You never know when a hurricane will show or Paris Hilton will blow . Mmmn . Make that the other way around.


Enjoyed your photography. Keep up the good work...

Killdare said...

Great pictures as always. The safest way to get a lightning pic is to set up your camera on a surface inside your house and good luck.

Jason said...

I love the lips picture ;-)

Ellen said...

Hmmmmm..... Fema instructor talking about insurance.... isn't there an oxymoron in all of that?

Anyhoo.... great picture of the storm. I love watching them, as long as they stay far enough away as to not strike the house or anything.

We also got a nice downpour on Saturday night, and I literally saw the flowers smile for the first time in a week.

Hope you are keeping cool with the triple digit weather.

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Thank you Os, ::smoochies:: haha...fortunately it does come off. Would you like me to send you some? ;)

Lecram ~ Thank you so much, how sweet of you. I will come over and see your project! Thanks.

Hippo ~ You are right, and you did keep your promise! ;)

Lee Ann said...

Violet ~ I bet Clerks 2 was better. Too bad we are closer, I would have loved to have met up for a coffee afterwards. I bet you guys had fun.

Le chat ~ ::smoochies back::

Rasta ~ Thank you, that is so sweet, you are special to me Rasta.
Thank you for my dad's birthday wishes.
peace and hugs from babygirl

Lee Ann said...

angel ~ Thank you so much Angel.

Shannon ~ You are right, some good rain storms are VERY romantic.....(look at my profile, now you know what I mean when I said I love playing when it rains) *blushing giggle*

Poly ~ Oh, is that the first time you have seen one of these advertisement trucks? You are right, everything is a commercial.

Lee Ann said...

Coach ~ Haha...I am not sure if I would be so calm in the middle of a really BAD storm. Thanks Coach!

Fred ~ That is great! Hope the rest of the week is just as good.

Myutopia ~ Yes, you are right.

Lee Ann said...

Amera ~ Thanks, I am usually a little nervous around lightning, but it is fascinating.
I thought the sky looked cool in the storm picture.

John ~ Actually, I do have a camera with me at all times. If I don't have my good camera, I always have my Razor.
haha....people always ask if I am related!

T. Chris ~ Thank you, please come over more often, good to see you.

Lee Ann said...

Killdare ~ Thank you. I have a great camera, but I am not sure if I can capture lightning strikes with it. I am going to try again with your tips next time.

Jason ~ Thank you! ::smoochies::

Ellen ~ Yes, a guy from FEMA....there were some interesting points during class. The storm was strange. The movie "War of the Worlds" came to mind! ;)
Thank you, hope you are staying cool too.

twolf1920 said...

FEMA...Isn't that a smelly kind of cheese?

Lee Ann said...

T ~ That is Feta! ;)

FreeThinker said...

Insurance classes? Zzzzz...

Your blog? Electrifying!

Bathroom Hippo said...

I heart you too babe.

You guys get to watch news at the Gym?

Lee Ann said...

Free ~ Yes, insurance....zzzZZzzz, oh...yes the electrifying blog!
Thanks ;)

Hippo ~ Yes, there are big televisions throughout the gym, and most of the treadmills, bikes and ellipticals have their own little tvs, but I like working out in the movie theatre. I like to watch a movie while working out. (Plus it is dark in the theatre).

jiggs said...

happy birthday lee ann's dad!

robmcj said...

I was teaching all day and evening yesterday. You can imagine how my poor students felt.

Like you, I took a play day today.

truckdriver_sefl said...

I love that lightning picture!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ Thank you Jiggs

Rob ~ No, I imagine you to be an excellent teacher. I hope you have fun on you play day.

Trucker ~ Thank you, I hope you have a great day!

Kay Ray said...

Hey woman!! I flew OVER birmingham yesterday.. I blew you a kiss :) The advertising truck thing is so funny!!! HEY at least youo guys are getting some rain!!

Lee Ann said...

Hey Kay ~ I wish I would have known what time, I would have been blowing kisses back.
Hope you had fun on your vacation!