Monday, July 24, 2006

Random stuff

~*~People have found my blog after searching the web for these topics:

*Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable. no matter h
*princess castle graphics
*see through t-shirt
*a monkey and lizard got high
*angelina jolie adjustable strap wife beater

*why can't doctor see a four chambered heart

~*~While I was driving, a landscaping truck dropped a bundle of cut bushes on the road, right in front of me.

~*~I was on the highway behind a car with no driver. There was no head in the driver's seat. I was amazed. Finally the car pulled into the next lane so I rushed up next to it to discover a guy had reclined and pushed his seat back so far, he was almost sitting in the back seat. This caused him to sit so low, his head barely cleared the steering wheel. How the hell could he even see to drive?

~*~I went to the movie ~ The Devil Wears Prada

(for the second time!)

~*~ There is a little lizard (you know the kind that can blow their neck up like a red balloon...or maybe Jams would say a red bouncy ball ;) that came to visit me (the lizard, not Jams!) this weekend. He comes around every so often. I saw him (well I assume it's a him...because,'s a lizard) anyway, on my terrace. He made a brief appearance before he ran off to visit someone else.

~*~Someone apparently threw a cigarette out of the car window on Friday and it caught the grass on the side of the interstate on fire. It caused traffic to STOP....on the interstate...on a Friday afternoon!

~*~You guys wanted more pictures. Here are a few photos of the view from my terrace.

Hope everyone's week is starting off good!


Osbasso said...

I think I've seen those before...

Becky said...

Nice View! Too funny, people find our blogs after looking up some crazy stuff!

MyUtopia said...

That is too funny!

Gyrobo said...

The week started already?! Arrrrrgh!

hotboy said...

Love the photies from your terrace. Never expect Alabama to look like that! Also, folk from the middle east regularly land on my blog looking for hotboys. Wrong kind of hotboy, I'm afraid! Hotboy

Heather said...

Nice view. I'm feeling a bit jealous now.

Hope your week is great.

Jason said...

No kidding nice view. I wish my neighborhood looked that. Can I move in with you? ;-)

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

I see that John Mayor is playing your town soon.

The 'Your Appraiser...' residence is reminiscent of Hotboy's hut.


Bathroom Hippo said...

You really like Devil wears whats-it?

I have no fashion-awareness. I just wear sweats =(

Flynn said...

Great view! Don't you hate people that throw out their cig butts? That so bothers me. I have looked at what people search for on the internet and find me too, it's funny.

NIKEY said...

great stuff. no wonder you like the castle !

coach said...

I have a hilarious time w/ thestory abt. the driverless car !

Neo said...

Lee Ann - So you have a lizard stalking ya? LOL

That is funny.

Hope your week is starting well too.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Oh yeah????? ;)

Becky ~ I know, I wish I had been keeping a log!

Myutopia ~ Hey, hope you have a good week!

Lee Ann said...

Gyro ~ Yes, already, can you believe it?

Hotboy ~ I am curious to know what you thought. Not all of Alabama looks like Birmingham. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama. The area here is mountainous with rolling hills. Not all of Alabama is like this. I will take more photos and post them soon.

Heather ~ The suburbs of Birmingham are very pretty. Thank you.

Lee Ann said...

Jason ~ Thank you Jason. There is plenty of room here at the Castle! ;)

MMIII ~ Oh you are right! Sheryl Crow is playing the same night. The location is an outdoor amphitheatre and is within 10 miles of my the base of Oak Mountain. I would love to go, I am sure it will be a great show.
So, that is what Hotboy's hut looks like....thank you for the insight!

Hippo ~ I do like that, but also, I wanted to do something and I had a free movie ticket for that theatre. I love sweats too...I wear them work out at the gym. :)

Lee Ann said...

Flynn ~ Yes, for some reason, most people that smoke do not look at a cigarette butt as trash! It is small, but it is trash nevertheless.

Nike ~ Thanks! ;)

Coach ~ I know, it was really the strangest thing to see that from behind. I knew logically there was an explanation, but it was a sight for sure.

Lee Ann said...

Neo ~ Yes! haha....I think they are interesting to watch, but they still kind of give me the heebie jeebies.
You have a good week too Neo!

jamwall said...

i can blow my neck out in the same shape as one of those fantasy blowup dolls.

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ That is what I love about you, you are so unpredictable! (see my profile)
I heart you!

sabatkes said...

Hope all is well, Queen of the interverse!

I think you might like Tuesdays retro video!

Shannon said...


Dave Morris said...

Nice view.

What the hell is Jolie doing wearing a wife beater? Oh, that's right, she can wear whatever she wants.

Otis said...

Lee Ann...Birmingham is beautiful...

Thanks for stopping by tonight and I hope you have a great week as well!

twolf1920 said...

THATS NOT 4 DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

twolf1920 said...

I mean yeah-Nice view!

Mystical Me said...

How funny!!
Hi sweetheart, I hope your having an awesome week so far yourself. XOXOXOXOXO

robmcj said...

I didn't realise it would be so green where you are. I can almost smell the trees.

angelina jolie adjustable strap wife beater!

jiggs said...

a lizard visits you? that's rad.

once I was driving down the freeway, and I had to swerve to miss a big ladder that was lying almost perpindicular to the lane. Then a few hundred feet down the road, there was a truck with one matching ladder pulled off to the side of the road.

FreeThinker said...

Nice zoom lens on your camera!

Hey! For some reason I thought you were from Birmingham, ENGLAND all this time! I guess the "Castle" thing threw me off ...

Lee Ann said...

Sabatkes ~ Thank you, hope all is well with you too.
I love your Retro Tuesdays.

Shannon ~ ;)

Dave ~ Thank you. Yes, it must be nice.

Lee Ann said...

Otis ~ Thank you. I hope you have a great week too.

T ~ You are right. It's five. Thanks!

Mystical ~ Thank you, same to you!

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ I will have to take more pictures of the area soon.

Jiggs ~ Totally! ;) That was a test of your driving skills!

Free ~ Thank you. did Simon Townshend for the longest time. ;)