Friday, July 28, 2006

Want to go to work with me?

The first stretch of the 3.9 mile drive to work.
HealthSouth helicopter pad is up the hill to the left.

I am about 3/4 of a mile from the highway.

Cahaba River...I go over this river everyday on my way to work.

The intersection of the highway. The end of the serene suburbia.

The highway gets backed up terribly about 30 minutes from now.
Only 1 and 1/2 miles to go!

I have turned off the highway and now am on the road that leads to my office.

I am now on the driveway going to my office building.

Still on the driveway.

Arrive at office. My office/desk is on the second floor directly behind that pinkish tree.

The view from my desk. Each season brings the perfect scenery to look at.

The day is over. Now, I am on my way home...well to the gym. This is the driveway from my office building.

Still the driveway from my office building.

The end of the driveway. This is the intersection before the highway.

Arrive at the gym. My Castle is just on the otherside of those hills with the red roof buildings, which is where I will be going after a good workout.

Just a peek at some male testosterone!

Ah, this is my favorite place in the gym. The movie theatre. There are tiered rows of treadmills, steppers, then ellipticals and bikes. They play a new movie each day, all day long.

Another shot from the treadmill I was on. Today was The Last Samuri.

Now, I am on my way home. I am just a few blocks away now.

Whew...long day!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Spinning Girl said...

Wow, I love that treadmill theater.
There are such beautiful trees there! I know very little about Georgia. The more pics you post, the better! Thanks for this.

Becky said...

Really interesting idea for a post. I love the view from your office! Beautiful, yet odd looking tree that you get to look at.

Becky said...

P.s. Bama all looks the same on the road, lol None the less, very pretty place!

john said...

Got that was fun ....if I am not the one on the wheels !

really , you have a good routine goin' on there .

hagw !

Jason said...

I need to work out. So, what do you wear at the gym? ;-)

You wouldn't want me in your car. I may talk to much and you'd throw me over that bridge into that river.

Osbasso said...

Well, that was fun! And a whole lot more pretty than the drive that I have to make. I do, however, think you've hatched a great meme. I believe I shall give it a shot!

Lee Ann said...

SG ~ The theatre makes working out so much easier!
I can see we have something in common, a true appreciation for nature. I can see that you really do. Thanks!

Becky ~ That pinkish tree? I think it may be a cherry tree. Yes, the area I live in is very landscaped and beautiful. The rolling hills and trees are very similar throughout Birmingham.

John ~ You are welcome to come along with me any day :)
Thank you, you have a good weekend too.

Shannon said...

You have such great scenery...lots to look at along the way! I wanna go work out now!! Looks like fun!

I love those pink trees!! OMG, they are beautiful, I want one right outside of my bedroom window! It would be the first thing I see when I wake up...;)

Lee Ann said...

Jason ~ Well, I am going to let you in on the secret of what I wear to the gym.....Hanes or Fruit of the Loom t-shirt, sports bra, sweat pants, white socks, Nike Airmax shoes.
I would never throw you over the bridge into the river. ;)

Os ~ I am glad everyone could come along, it made my drive more fun!
Yes, I would love to go to work with everyone. Let me know what day and time you will be picking me up to go with you.
Have a great weekend.

Lee Ann said...

Shannon ~ We can go workout together again soon! Wonder what movie will be playing.
That tree is beautiful and there is really lovely scenery in this area.
Have a great weekend ~xo

MyUtopia said...

Thanks for taking me along. My trip would be a LOT of pictures it is 32 miles on way! Not fun, lots of ranches with cows and donkeys.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo, thanks for taking me to work with you. Your view from work is similar to mine, the scenery is always changing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Violet said...

I soooo need a gym with a theater in it... Although, I can't ever even remember to bring my headphones to plug in so I can listen to whatever junk they've got playing on the televisions suspended from the ceiling.

twolf1920 said...

I would park myself behind you when you were on the stairstepper or the treadmill...Just to er....Cheer you on!

Lee Ann said...

Myutopia ~ Wow, that is a pretty good distance to go to work. I saw some donkeys once. I made boyfriend stop so we could take pictures!

GA ~ Oh, I am so glad you could come with me. Have a great weekend!

Violet ~ Oh, the theatre is great and you don't even need headphones, it is loud and in stereo surround! ;)

T ~ haha, I can always use some encouragement with my workouts! Thanks!

Foto Man said...

What a great view you have from your office window ! Mine is overlooking the sewage tank . Darn .

Big Mama said...

That was cool, thanks for taking us along for the ride. That was beautiful. I live 19.3 miles going one way or if I take the alternate route it is 24.7 miles. I think I could even get off my Big Mama bum and work out at that gym, that was nice...

Lee Ann said...

Foto ~ Oh, I am sorry, feel free to print the photo of my view and paste it on your window! *giggle*

Big mama ~ I am so glad you came along, I thought we had fun! Anytime you want to go workout with me, just let me know. :)

NIKEY said...

Your exercise room is awesome . With big a cinema to boot. I'd like to be a member of your fitness club and go inside that cinema with popcorn , tacos and beer !

Phain said...

I'm coming to live with you - your views are so much better than mine!

Ellen said...

What a nice ride to work through the Alabama countryside! Your office building reminds me of a lot of places the I cater corporate lunches to.....all so very nicely landscaped.

I'd go to the gym with you just to watch the movies!

amera hearts said...

I have never been over to you site. I feel guilty about that. Anyway, ye, your work trip is very pretty. I like rivers!

Oh and the one time I went to Georgia, it was so freaking hot and humid, I vowed never to return!

Lee Ann said...

Nike ~ It is great. Sometimes when my workout is done, I will go to the front and ride the bike for a while longer to see what happens next in the movie.

Le chat ~ Ok, there is plenty of room here at the Castle.

Ellen ~ Yes, but the countryside only lasts for about 1 mile. I am smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle part of Birmingham suburbia. You know how that is with the suburbs of Atlanta. We just have a smaller version of that ;) I wish you would cater lunch to our office, I can almost smell it...yum!

Amera ~ I am glad you came over. It is very pretty on my way to work.
The Cahaba River is so much prettier than the image I captured with my cell phone camera.
I will come by to see you. Thanks for stopping over.

rastaman said...

That was such a beautiful trip to work, Babygirl! I felt like I was riding in the car with you. And, the movie ... loved it!

Peace and hugs to you, Babygirl!

You are so beautiful!

Lee Ann said...

Rasta ~ I enjoyed the ride too. I hope you will come along again Rasta. Thank you so much!
~peace and hugs from babygirl

jamwall said...

oh, i'll bet now that you're taking me to work, you'll make me do all your collating and copying.

there's ALWAYS a catch!

BuccoTom said...

Love the start and finish but th office? IEW (not yours dear just the concept, lol) I just wanna drive. Heads Carolina, Tails California. Call it in the air!

jiggs said...

Were you taking pics while driving? That doesn't seem safe :)

Meanie the baby dragon said...

me yikez yo wide tu wook Lee Ann! me pweetend me wide on yo dash an wahtch foe bug spwatz!

The Husband said...

talk about a stress free commute. i'm jealous!

Phats said...

Thanks for taking us to work with you enjoyed it :)

I am off work for 2.5 weeks then back to school

Bathroom Hippo said...


Your scenery is awesome! Wish my town was that pretty.

robmcj said...

Wow! So green and serene, quite like the UnHeard Of Islands. No wonder you always seem so poised.

I would do the movie treadmill thing too, but my dog would lose out.

Fred said...

Wow - what a great way to share with us your daily trip. All I see is concrete and stores on my way to work. I wish I had your drive.

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ Hmmmm...didn't think of that! catch!

TG ~ California!
...well, what was it?

Jiggs ~ I am a completely safe driver. I should have put a disclaimer on this post that no persons, me or anyone else, was put in any danger whatsoever on my way to work! ;)

Lee Ann said...

Baby dragon ~ You can ride on my dash to work anyday Baby dragon.

Carl ~ Yes, it is fairly stress free. I used to drive into the city everyday, this is much easier now.

Phats ~ I am glad you could come. Hope your 2.5 weeks of work goes well.

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ Thank you Hippo, you can come along any day!

Rob ~ Thank you Rob, that is so sweet of you. I would love to see the Island sometime.
I was thinking it would be cool to have a treadmill for my cat, wonder if it would work.

Fred ~ I feel fortunate to live so close to work and in such a great area. That is the luck of working in a suburban area.

LeperColony said...

You sure managed to take a lot of pictures while you were driving. I'm quite impressed. It's all I can do to stay on the road while I fiddle with the radio.

Gyrobo said...

And they say you can't drive and take pictures at the same time! The fools!

sabatkes said...

Great ideal for a post! My commute is a total of 7 miles round trip. i'm joining a health club in August. Time to ger ready for curling season!

Lee Ann said...

leper ~ I cannot fiddle with the radio when I am driving... too distracting! ;)

Gyro ~ Really!!

Sabatkes ~ Your commute is similar to mine. Oh, I know you are looking forward to curling season. :)

Polyman2 said...

What a great play by play of your daily commute. You wouldn't like to see mine- 40mi each way, mostly highway. Can I come live with you?
You drive, I'll take the photos.

Lee Ann said...

Poly ~ Oh, there is plenty of room here at the Castle, what time should I expect you?
I know, I will have my driver drive and we can both take pictures! ;)

Blue Ix said...

I just came across your site (from Views From The Back Row), and I like your blog. The things you say about yourself remind me of me - I'll bet we're similar in some ways. Anyway, just wanted to say "Hello, you sound cool". :)

Lee Ann said...

Hey Blue ~ Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will come by more often!