Sunday, August 20, 2006

Can we do this weekend over again?

I had an interesting weekend, how was yours?

Friday after work, I went over to my parents house, had a drink then went to dinner at the country club. I headed home around 8:30 pm. Around 8:45 I was driving into my apartment complex.
My parents told me to call when I got home (yes they still do that), so I went ahead and called (even though I was not actually IN my apartment) and told them I was there.
My dad said, in exact words "Oh good, so you made it home safe and sound, I love you".
....wellll....I wasn't ALL the way home yet!
I hung up the phone and continued driving...hang on, my washer is making a loud noise, the towels are lopsided and on spin cycle...brb....
...ok, I am back.

Take in mind, I am in the driveway in my parking lot (big complex, so it winds up the hill and around before you can reach my apartment) going...hmmm...maybe 20 miles an hour.
All of the sudden a Jeep comes flying around the corner and straight at me.
Of course I swerved (I am no good at playing chicken) and I hit the curb.
Oh great, I knew it wasn't good, the way it felt and the way it sounded...
The tire pretty much exploded out the sidewall. At this point, I was about 100 + yards away from my place.
I know, I know...but I did.... I drove it the rest of the way.
I knew there was no reason to try to get it fixed right then, I was going to be in for the night.

I did a few things around the house, then I ended up watching a movie on TBS, long distance with a good friend. We even had the same commercials! I found that to be interesting.
Thank you...I enjoyed that. (Oh and thank you for the text message on Saturday morning asking if I had gotten the tire taken care of).

Saturday, I went outside to see the damage in daylight. Oh, now I wish I had taken a picture.
Anyway, I have never changed a tire (are you surprised?), but I thought I would at least see if I had a spare and a jack, which I did, so I pulled them out of the trunk.
I even went back inside, got a screwdriver and popped the wheel cover off.
Hey, now that is a start.
Well, I don't think it would be that hard to change the tire, I am fairly sure I know the steps to take (seems logical), but I was scared to try.
Just thinking about the dumb accidents that people have when no one is around started freaking me out.
I couldn't find anyone to help.
So I text messaged my friend (he has a baby, so I wasn't sure if he would be awake yet) that lives kind of far away.
Then I called my girl friend and left a voice mail message, she was at work.
Then I decided to call the office at my apartments.
Jason answered the phone, lucky him!
I said, "Hey Jason, this doesn't have anything to do with my apartment, but I wondered if one of the guys would be able to come help me change my flat tire". He said, "Sure, I will be there in a minute".
Wow, what luck, how nice of him.
A few minutes later, here he comes in his golf cart. He started changing the tire.
My guy friend calls me, when I answered, the first thing he said "where are you?"
Oh, that was so sweet, I told him "thank you, but Jason was in the process of changing it...".
While I was on the phone with him, my girl friend called me and left a vm msg,
"Hey, yes I can change a tire, I will come as soon as I get off work. Do you have AAA? I have it, but I don't know if that will help, call me back".
So I did call her back and let her know the situation.

Ok, the donut is now on the car...oh great, it is flat.
By this time my neighbor came out and was giving his advice and he checked the pressure in the donut. 12! I asked,"What does that mean?" He said, "you need air, it should be 50".
Jason then said, "well, if you drive it very slow to the corner gas station, I will follow you, and put air in it for you".
Wow, that was really nice.
So I did...not good!
Even though I went very very slow, the tire's air stem broke off into the tire and there was no way to put air in it.
So now, I am stuck at the gas station.
Jason even offered at that point to drive me to a shop with the rim, get a new tire and drive back and put it on for me.
I just couldn't see tying him up anymore, I am sure this was way more than he bargained for already.
He was sweating and changing my tire in his nice clothes. He kept apologizing to me for what had happened and that it was taking so long. I went inside and bought him a large water, which he was very appreciative. (That was the least I could do).
I know at this point, I have no choice but to get it towed.
I was able to get a hold of my parents, my mom was on her way.
It was soooo hot outside, I nearly passed out waiting inside for my mom to get there. I had leaned over on some boxes and a guy came over asking me if I was all right.

After mom got there, we went to the shop... she got four tires, alignment, balance, and lifetime tire replacement and balancing package, then had them tow the car.
Then she would not even let me pay for it.
She took me home and said she will pick me up when the car is ready and take me to go get it.

When I got home, tired and hot, I changed clothes, and laid on the couch. another call...."where are you?"
(Thank you, I knew you wouldn't let me down, you know I would always be there for you too, no matter what.)
I told him that I was at home now, and explained my day.

I am fortunate to have such great friends.

About an hour later, mom came and got me, we went and picked up my car
...oh how pretty, all new tires!
I then went to the movie Step Up. It was Fame or Center Stage.

Today, nothing as a roast. Anyone want to come by for some french dip?
I am also doing laundry...speaking of that....gotta run!
Love you,
Have a great week.


BKS said...

Such a colorful post....just like the evening sky in the post before almost. I could have came and changed it for you but in addition to the large water I would also need a bag of Rold Gold pretzels and a shower after I was I am about a 8 hour drive from you probably lol.

Hope your sunday is better!!

Jason said...

Don't feel bad. I've never changed a tire either. That's because something goes wrong. Either a part is missing, a nut is stripped and won't come off. Yes, this applies to helping someone else too. Good thing Jason was there. We're a decent species.

lecram sinun said...

French dip? Mmmmmm.... :)

hotboy said...

I love problem stories about motors because I haven't got one and never will have, I should think. Anyway, nobody ever asks me to do anything because I'm handless, thank God! Have a nice week! Hotboy p.s the email from the webpage was probably the second one ever!

Lee Ann said...

Bks ~ Awww, that is so sweet to offer. I would make sure to get you a large water, bag of Rold Gold and a shower. Anything else? I would appreciate it and let you know I did.
Thank you so much Brad.

Jason ~ I definitely figured you would help someone in distress.
Yes, I would agree, Jasons are a decent species! ;)

Lecram ~ Come on by, what time will you be here?

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ Handless? Wow, how do you type?
Did I send you an email? don't miss a trick. I was looking at your webpage this weekend, but I don't remember sending you an email! :)

Osbasso said...

Long distance TV watching? How weird is that?? Actually sounds pretty cool, if you've got the right "date" for the night! ;-)

And aren't parents wonderful? Glad you got it all taken care of!

Wish I could get there for dinner...or at least dessert!

Becky said...

Sounds like you have a lot of friends who care about you a great deal! Lucky Lady! 8-)

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Absolutely marvelous idea for a long distance cool! ;)

Thank you so much.

Hey, come does ice cream sound?

Becky ~ Oh thank you!
I am a fortunate creature (as Hotboy, Rob and MMIII say).

Phain said...

You're weekend sounded like my (last) Monday - only your car had a legitimate problem, my problem was that I'm just stoopid. Hope your week starts off smoothly!

Aliecat said...

OK, creepy, yesterday, I spent an hour at the gas station because 2 of my tires were low, turns out the valve stem on both of them had to be replaced. We lead parallel lives! And once again, I reiterate, GET AAA!!!!! They would have changed your tire for free (I don't know how to do it either, so don't feel bad) and would have towed you up to 3 miles on a standard membership. Am I gonna have to call your folks?

JLee said...

ruh roh..seems the bad luck continues! I have never changed a tire either. I need to learn one of these days. I'm glad you have nice friends/neighbors to help you out :)

Lee Ann said...

Le chat ~ Oh, I hope you are having better days! Thank you, I am sure things are going to turn around.

Alie ~ Wow, that is amazing. Sorry you had to endure that. Seems we are living in a parallel universe. I know, someone else told me that this weekend too (about the AAA), thanks I do appreciate your concern. Hey, maybe I will get a tattoo soon!

Jlee ~ Yes, but I am thinking it will turn around soon. I watched him change it, and it really doesn't look hard. It is just so damn intimidating to me for some reason.

Cinderella said...

WOW, it sounds like you had a horrible experience!! Did you get the license plate of the azz hat that ran you off the road?? What a jerk!!

Let calgon take you away lol

Hope you are smiling still!!

Lee Ann said...

Shannon ~ No, I was too busy trying not to wreck any worse! Plus, it was dark and he was gone in a flash.
I think a hot bubble bath sounds wonderful...I think I will go do that now!
Yes, I am still smiling, thanks Shannon.

The Appalachianist said...

Well, it seems all ended well. That's good. I really have nothing constructive to say, So, I'll just say Hello.

Lee Ann said...

App ~ Always glad to see you. Hello!
Hope your week goes well.

Dave Morris said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend at least. No boredom!

Glad you made it through, have a great week.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ Saturday definitely wasn't boring. Thanks, you have a good week too.

MIA said...

Hi, long distance Tv watching is awesome. Did some TV/phone watching this weekend. Don't you ever call someone and say hey, turn on channel.... and then start watching together? With all the road side assistance services these days, tire changing is over rated. I hope you have a better week.

Bathroom Hippo said...

Wow. The life of a princess!

Country Club? WHAT!?

Stone said...

Ahhh, that is so sweet to have such a good relationship with your daddy.
thanks for stopping to see me darling.

Lee Ann said...

Mia ~ Hey! I love your picture.
Well, the long distance movie watching was done via computer, not the phone! The phone would be a little easier, haha. Yes, I have a friend who keeps telling me that I must get AAA. You are right.
I am glad you stopped over, it was great to see you. Have a wonderful week.

Hippo ~ I heart you sweet hippo.

Stone ~ :)Thank you for stopping by, great to see you. I hope you have a great week.

truckdriver_sefl said...

Wow that was an eventful Saturday for sure!!

Have a good Monday Lee Ann!

Otis said...

Now that was a rough weekend.

I'm glad it ended well. Thank goodness you didn't have a flat on a deserted road at night.

Lee Ann said...

Trucker ~ Yes, it was an eventful Saturday, exhausting.
Thank you, I hope you have a good Monday too.

Otis ~ It was, but it could have been worse, like you said, it could have happened on a deserted road at night. That would have been a nightmare. Thank you Otis, have a great week!

Mystical Me said...

WOW, You do have awesome friends. It sucks that happened to you sweetie, but at least you have people that care enough to help you thro it all. Take care & I hope your week is a lot better. XOXOXOXOXO

mojoala said...

I prefer nice quiet weekends....

Lee Ann said...

Mystical ~ Yes, very lucky to have such good friends.
Thank you, hope you have a great week.

Mojo ~ I do too!
Great to see you...please come by anytime!

Mr. Althouse said...

Busy weekend! I had one too - some of it was expected and some wasn't. I'll be writing a post about the unexpected part in the next two or three days - I don't want to give it up just yet. It has to do with what happens (with me) when news happens. I'm flying into New Orleans on Thursday, I'll probably write it on the plane.

I'm so glad all worked out for you. Mom to the rescue! I've got one like that, it sure is nice. Next time you have a flat... nevermind, I looks like you've got all the help you need!


amera hearts said...

I'm so sorry about your car!

I love the Step Up movie!

Lee Ann said...

Mike ~ I look forward to reading it. I hope you have a safe trip.
Oh, and thank you.

Amera ~ Thank you.
Yes, I enjoyed the movie too. I love the dance movies.
I was thinking about you the other day. Is Amera your real name? I just think it is such a pretty name.

Saur♥Kraut said...

WHOA. I thought you were married, and I certainly am glad that you have great friends (as I do) that can help you out under such circumstances. What a crazy weekend, huh? That's the sort of weekend that makes me happy to see Mondays.

NMOTB said...

I totally enjoyed reading this post - my mom also still insits on me calling her when I am in safe! Just Murphy, after calling your mom to say your in safe and sound when you weren't would something like that happen. Sounds like the kinda thing that will happen to me too. your mom sounds like she is a very special lady indeed! Moms and friends.......what will we do with out them. I also did a leg of lamb roast on sunday, with fresh asparagus, butternut and oven roasted veggies - it was really yummy! hope you have a good week!

robmcj said...

Synchronised Seinfeld-watching on TBS sounds great. When I lived alone, I used sometimes to watch TV while on the phone to someone watching the same movie.

What a disastrous tyre experience.

Lee Ann said...

Saur ~ No, not married. I am lucky to have friends to help me out. I was glad to have that weekend over with.

nmotb ~ I know, I am lucky to have a mom like mine.
Sounds like your dinner was really good...I love asparagus and oven roasted veggies..yum! I am going to go get something to eat now.
Have a great week too.

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ We watched a movie called
A Knight's Tale it was great. We did it over the computer though, not the phone. It was fun.
Do you get TBS there? Wow!

amera hearts said...

I had 100 dollars in there because I had to pay my phone bill and didn't want to carry it into work. Needless to say the trunk incident taught me not to keep money in my car.

Phats said...

WOW! what a story, and in color. haha.

My parents still make me call as well. I was on a vacation this weekend so my weekend rocked

jiggs said...

I have never changed a tire. I also don't have a car, but it's a skill that I should pick up.

sorry to hear about all your poop this weekend!

Lee Ann said...

Amera ~ Oh, that would have been bad if someone had gotten in and taken it. I did that one time, came out to my car and the trunk was open. The only thing I could think was I must have hit the remote button on my key chain...and that it popped open after I was a little ways away from it. I have no idea!

Phats ~ I thought the color would bring some fun to a not so fun experience!
I hope you had a great vacation.

Jiggs ~ I am sure you could do it if you had to. I probably could too. I think if I ever did it, that would be all it would take. I would then have the confidence to do it. Well...maybe.
Thanks Jiggsy.

john said...

I see that you still have the 'hangover' from last weekend.
I hope your fine !

Lee Ann said...

John ~ Yes, I guess that happens...I am sure things will be better soon, thank you!

jamwall said...

what kind of doughnut did you end up using on your car?

dunkin' or krispy kreme?

i hear the ones with sprinkles adds more traction!

Polyman2 said...

Good thing you weren't hurt
and all ended well.

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ Oh, I wish we had Dunkin donuts here...I love those. I am a sucker for sprinkles too!
The krispy kreme are good, but too sweet and would not stand up to the wear and tear as good!

Poly ~ Thank you so much. I know, I was lucky it didn't happen somewhere far from home!