Friday, August 04, 2006


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- To help parents with a serious topic, a minor league baseball team is using some humor to spread the message about keeping babies safe in vehicles.The Newark Bears on Friday will host "Britney Spears Baby Safety Night," naming the event for the pop singer whose recent miscues with her baby received wide attention.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (Reuters) -- Heavy rain drenched large parts of South Africa's southern areas on Thursday, flooding roads and damaging houses in devastating storms, while deep snow forced mountain passes to close.Temperatures dropped to record lows for August as snow fell in industrial hub Johannesburg for the first time in eight years in what residents say is an unusually severe winter.

NEW YORK (AP) -- No one knows how to throw a party like MTV. So there must be quite a bash planned for Tuesday, celebrating 25 years on the air. Right?

::looking back::

~ BYE-BYE VJs: Original video jock J.J. Jackson's contract expired in 1985. Nina Blackwood followed him out the next year and so did Martha Quinn, breaking the hearts of countless teenage boys. Alan Hunter and Mark Goodman were next.
MTV refused to follow its aging first fans, courting teens instead.
It also realized that airing videos was a dead end and began aggressively developing other programming. Those were probably the most important financial decisions MTV ever made.

**Goodman, Hunter, Blackwood and Quinn, along with the late JJ Jackson, were the five original faces and voices of MTV when it debuted on August 1, 1981.

Man, I liked MTV better when it was videos and music (hence the name....Music Television). I think you would be hard pressed to see much music on MTV these days.

**Side note ~ Alan Hunter (one of the original VJs "Video Jockeys"~ the blonde guy in the front, in the picture above) went to my high school.
He was a bit older than me, but never-the-less, he walked the same school halls that I did.

**So did Kate Jackson ~ one of the original Charlie's Angels

**and Courteney Cox Arquette of FRIENDS

Ok, enough celebrity tidbits!

Have a great weekend everyone!

~all stories can be read in full on ~ 8/3/06


Shannon said...

Charlies Angels rock!!

As for the Britney thing...Wow, that will sure damper her spirits if she were to hear about that, not to mention she will probably sue the balls off of them for slander.

It's still funny thou..hehe

I love MTV...I must admit, I wish they played more music but I listen to the radio when I clean so no biggie..

Have a great weekend!

truckdriver_sefl said...

I'm with shannon I used to never miss the Angels!!

To bad MTV does not rock anymore:-{

Have a great weekend LeeAnn!

The Husband said...

hope you have a great weekend!

Jason said...

Wow, I don't think any celebreties share high school with me. Plenty of currently icarcerated felons did though. Have a good one.

Lee Ann said...

Shannon ~ I know...the angels! :)
Music does help house cleaning, doesn't it.
Have a great weekend!

Trucker ~ Remember that Greg Allman song ~ I'm No Angel?
I love that song.
You have a great weekend too Trucker!

Carl ~ Thanks babe, you have a great weekend too. Wish I could party with you tonight!

Jason ~ Sounds like you have always had excitement in your life.
You have a great weekend cutie!

Osbasso said...

My high school was new when I graduated (first class to graduate), so the only celebrity I know of is me!

I quit watching MTV years and years ago. But I do remember watching "Headbanger's Ball" and being fascinated, in a freakish sort of way!

lecram sinun said...

Man, I had such a crush on Kate Jackson! ::sigh::

Becky said...

You too, Have a great weekend!

Phats said...

Did you hear Britney defend herself on her interview with Matt Lauer? saying her dad let her drive all the time when she was little, it's the countryway haha poor brit

rastaman said...

Peace and hugs to you, Babygirl!

Rasta votes you to be the most beautiful to walk those high school corridors! Kate and Courtney have nothing on you.

ticharu said...

You know what I'm gonna say before I say it! I've never watched any of that stuff, MTV and all that but, Lisa Siefert went to MY high school. She was HOT! Yowza!

AndyT13 said...

Well! Nice to catch back up with you! You've been missed! Great bloggy entries. I especially liked riding to work with you!

Ellen said...

No celebs in my High School, but then I went to a school that had only 10 rooms, 120 students, and 46 in my graduating class. Just a little cow pasture of a town in NH, many years ago.

I remember when MTV first came on the air... it was about the same time that cable TV first became popular. It was the "thing" to watch at that time, and they did have some great music videos. It hardly seems like 25 years though.

Have a great weekend!

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

Snow in Joburg! What next?

Thankfully, Mrs M reports that the weather is normal in Kalimbuka.

I hope it is not too hot in Birmingham for you, Lee Ann.


MyUtopia said...

Have a great weekend!

hotboy said...

The erotic expression allowed to the dancers on the video channel here (is MTV a video channel still?) was amazing the other night. I haven't eve r seen such things! So it's the nursing home with the viagra implants and the meth mainlining tube, and you might be still living after a whole night. Hotboy

robmcj said...

Have a cool one, Lee Ann. xxx

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Oh, that must have been neat being the first graduating class!
I can imagine it was fascinating, I did not see it!

Lecram ~ She is a pretty girl (she is an angel isn't she ;)!

Becky ~ Thanks sweetie, you too!

Lee Ann said...

Phats ~ I did hear that! I wish she could go back to the beginning and start over. I think her publiscist must have steered her the wrong way at some point.

Rasta ~ You are such a charmer, you know just what to say to a girl. Thank you Rasta.
peace and hugs from babygirl

Tich ~ I am amazed that you have not watched ANY of those shows. ;)
You are my nature guy Tich.
I am sorry, but I do not know who Lisa Siefert is. Glad she is a good memory for you though!

Lee Ann said...

Andy ~ Hey! I am glad to take you along to work anytime. Thanks for stopping in. Please come over anytime.

Ellen ~ I know, I think MTV was definitely what everyone was watching. I thought it was a great concept. I don't think it feels like 25 years either!
Have a great weekend Ellen.

MMIII ~ I know, I thought that might be a bit unusual. Of course I thought of you when I read about it. The weather here is very hot. The heat index (what the temperature feels like) has been about 5 degrees (F) higher than the temperature.
I love the summer sunshine, but I think summer is a little overrated!
Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lee Ann said...

Myutopia ~ Thank you, I hope you do too!

Hotboy ~ MTV used to be a music video channel. It is mostly Reality shows and game shows now.

Rob ~ Thank you, I hope yours is too!

hotboy said...

I think the characters in Trainspotting are supposed to have gone to the school where I work! Hotboy

Metalchick said...

Hi Lee Ann,
I remember MTV doing a bunch of specials for their 20th anniversary, but for their 25th? NOTHING! MTV sucks anyways! Even MTV2! Two channels that still show music videos is FUSE and VH1 Classic. I can also go to Youtube to get music videos anytime I want.

That Britney Spears thing is funny! Still, I feel sorry for that baby.

JLee said...

wow! thanks for all the fun facts! I am impressed with your high school...ours was notorious for suicides..nice, huh? I agree about MTV. I miss videooooos!!!!

Polyman2 said...

Thanks, Your just a plethera of info. I grew up with MTV and aged along with those VJ's. I guess I'm out to pasture also.
Hate the reality shows...BORING!
-and I think I'm the most famous
from my school.(only kidding)

Mystical Me said...

WOW, Its amazing how fast time flies. I remember when MTV first started out in the 80's it was awesome back then. I agree it should be more music then what it is now. Oh well, I guess what they got going on now pays their bills, lol.
Thanks for this awesome post sweetheart & I hope you have an awesome weekend. Love always, MM XOXOXOXO

Mystical Me said...

BTW, thats cool about your high school!! I cant say that about mine, thats for sure. I dont think anyone famous has ever came from there.
Take care sweetie!! XOXO

Henri Banks said...

You first have a nice weekend Lee Ann

DaMasta said...

hoooooooooooooootie!! w00t. i had that song on my myspace page the other day. :D

have a great weekend sweetie :P

john said...

Hey . Have a great weekeng . What's remaining of it anyway .
No wonder you look like that brunnete in the orig Charlie's Angels .

Fred said...

I remember those VJs. Nina Blackwood was my favorite becasue she seemed less polished than the others. She was more down-to-earth.

Have a great weekend!

Passionate Man said...

Courtney Cox Arquette...yum.

NIKEY said...

Ye coach is right ..that brunnete in Charlie's . No , not Bosley but Kate J .

NIKEY said...

I mean John not coach .

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ Oh, I vaguely remember that movie. That is cool Hotboy!

Metalchick ~ Oh, thanks, I will have to check out FUSE. I remember VH1 used to be second to MTV when they both played videos. I would probably watch VH1 now.
Yeah, poor Brit!

Jlee ~ Hey! Wow, suicides...that is sad!
Glad you came over to visit, please come to the Castle anytime.
I love music videos, so I have to go online to see them now.

Lee Ann said...

Poly ~ Yeah, me too (aged along with those VJs). NO, you are not out to pasture. I bet you ARE the most famous from your school! ;)

Mystical ~ Thank you sweetie, I hope you are doing good...take care!

Henri ~ Thank you Henri, I have missed you, good to see you.

Lee Ann said...

Damasta ~ Yes, Hootie is good! Thanks sweetie, you too.

John ~ Thank you John...You think so? Thank you so much, that is very sweet of you to say that.

Fred ~ Yes, she was great, then again, I thought that whole group was great. Thanks, hope your weekend was great Fred!

Lee Ann said...

Passionate ~ Yes, she is so pretty isn't she!

Nike ~ Oh, that I look like Kate? Wow, thank you, very kind of you!

Bathroom Hippo said...

Britney Spears Safety Night?

Abstinence man...abstinence.

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ That is good! haha