Friday, August 11, 2006

Not in sync

Sometimes things are just not in sync.

Yesterday, I stopped at the store on my way home. I thought 'oh good, I will use my rebate that I got from one of my electronic purchases'. I had been sent a "visa card" with the amount of rebate in lieu of a check. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. There is only one problem....I am having trouble using it when there is a balance left on it. I have not had a purchase under the remaining balance, and it cannot be used with the intent to "pay the difference" least yet!

Then I got home, and my cable was out. Which means my internet is down. So, for all of you that I was not able to get back to last night, I am sorry. I am limited to my access at work, so I will catch up with all of you, I promise. So, no television and no internet....I cooked dinner, which was very good...fresh pasta (ravioli and fettucini). Then I cleaned house and watered my plants.

...AND, they struck again! Right as I was going to bed. Cramps in my feet. This time both feet simultaneously and in my ankles. This was excrutiating. I must be dehydrated again.

I had to leave a little early this morning so I could stop and pick up a birthday card for a girl at work. It is not her birthday until Sunday, but we are having a birthday lunch for her today. When I was leaving this morning, I noticed that the "trash service" had not picked up my trash. I was skipped! My neighbors all had their trash picked up! :(
So, I had to take it to the garbage collection center myself.

It is my mom's birthday today...Happy birthday Mom! Tonight, we are going to go to the best little pizza place around.

My friend Rob always tells me that things always balance out, so I am being patient. :)

Some of you might be able to relate to this little video! Hope you enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!
Love you all!


Jason said...

I got a 'rebate' card one time from cingular that never worked, and it expired unfulfilled. I think those rebate cards are an evil plot.

Sorry about the little troubles. Nothing to worsen your mood than to lose your cable and find out the city didn't collect your garbage. That's why I felt no remorse when I ticketed a city worker last week.

The Husband said...

maybe you will get "lucky" this weekend.

truckdriver_sefl said...

Things ALWAYS seem to balance out!!

I love Tom Petty!!

Have a wonderful weekend Lee Ann!

Lee Ann said...

Jason ~ I think it is too (an evil plot). We should do something about it! :)
Thank you Jason. I wonder if the cable outage is a way for the cable company to save some money somehow...(conspiracy? haha)
Well, at least I got a lot done around my apartment last night!

Carl ~ I hope so!
Have a great weekend.

Trucker ~ you are right!
Thanks trucker, have a great weekend.

Edge said...

My mom always said things come in 3's. Hope you are done with the bad stuff!


AndyW said...

Karma is fun, isn't it?

I work in a office with no windows!

We're suppose to have a new building by the beginning of 2008. My new office will have a wall of windows.
I sit here waiting for that day!

Heather said...

Hope your weekend improves. Have a great time w/ your mom and drink some water, young lady.

Lee Ann said...

Jef ~ I hope so too. Thank you Jef! Have a great weekend.

Andy ~ Yes, we all have to have some down times, otherwise we would not be so grateful for our good times.

Heather ~ Thank you! I will. Already 2 glasses today!

Green Eyes said...

Hey! For foot cramps, try taking Magnesium, it helps!

Otis said...

I paid my way through college in a cubicle...before the internet...

Have a wonderful weekend Lee Ann...

Mystical Me said...

LMAO, Loved the video, lol!!

Sorry about all the problems sweetheart. Youll make it thro this hard, I promise. Things will get better, thats at least what I keep telling myself,lol. Anyways sweetheart do take care of yourself & I hope things work out sooner then later. XOXOXOXOXO

Phats said...

I could easily go without the internet, but no TV! I would die I love my television.

jiggs said...

I got me rebate card down to a 1.99 and then got stuck with it. Then I realized that there was a vending machine that took visa (for subway tix) and I was able to get the balance down to .05. That was a small victory.

Sorry to hear about all of today's poop! Poop should happen to you. you're too much a of a sweetheart.

Henri Banks said...

yeah have a nice weekend ;-)

Lee Ann said...

Green eyes ~ Oh, thanks for the tip, I will have to try it.

Otis ~ Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

Phats ~ If I don't have tv, I am content with my movies on dvd, I have a great collection. ;)

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ Wow, that was a great victory. I will have to work on ways of getting mine down to zero. That is so uncool, they make money off of your rebate, because not everyone can spend it down to the penny.
Thank you Jiggs, that is so nice of you.

Thank you Henri, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ellen said...

I always have those out of sync days when I am just running 5 minutes late. If I am running early, everything falls into place. Never seems to fail!

Hope the world treats you like a Queen this weekend, just to make up for the bad moments now.

Have a great one!

robmcj said...

Hi Lee Ann - I watched the world weather on TV just now, and it looks like things are indeed balancing out already, at least regarding the dehydrating weather - there's storms all over the middle of the states - my geography's not good enough to know if that included Alabama.

Thanks for the lovely words at my place. I would help you out of anything you like, not just taxis. ;) Have a cool weekend.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I hate those foot cramps. I get them in the calves, mostly. Ouch.

BallerinaGurl said...

Oh I hope you have a better weekend. What a bummer. I am bummed from not going to Rachel's show so I am right there with you! Hysterical movie clip. Loved the song especially.


Drama Mawmah said...

I feel your pain. I blogged about my karma today. Have a fun weekend. Maybe you can have some drinks for me while I clean up the pee puddles at my house. Keep me in your thoughts or something :)

BuccoTom said...

Sounds like a rollercoaster ride to me babe. Just remember for every ying there is a yang. Your's is on the way. Have a great weekend hun.

NMOTB said...

Oh I hate day's like that! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your MOM - Hope you all had fun!

JLee said...

hope all your planets realign! You realize I am also a Virgo and also a middle child. Uh I next??

coach said...

i hope the pizza was good !
have a happy weekend !

jamwall said...

well dammit thats been a sucky weekend lee ann, hope things rebound--i'm sure they will :)

BKS said...

Hello, hope your weekend has gotten off to a better start than the earlier part. I hate cards. Doesn't make sense to me to have to carry discount cards that are given for FREE in order to get the price back down to normal lol. I returned something to Sears a while back and instead of a refund they gave me a card. Oh well Christmas will be here before we know it.

Have a good one!!

NMOTB said...

Hi Lee ann, enjoy your weekend! and hope things go more smoothly next week!

Osbasso said...

I find it incorrigible that no one has offered to rub your feet for you. So I offer you my services. I'm good for anything else you might want rubbed, too! ;-)

WDKY said...

Hope you're having a good one, Lee Ann, and that your feetsies are better. Maybe you found that balance this weekend?

hotboy said...

I don't think we have those rebate cards here(yet!). Sorry to hear about the cramps. That must be rather unsettling! Hotboy

Fred said...

Lee Ann..that video was hysterical. My kids are here in the living room, and they were laughing along, too. Well done.

ticharu said...


Bathroom Hippo said...

Cramps =(

I know how to cure cramps....Coffee!

Actually I spilled coffee on a girl think she'd thank me..but noo.

David Amulet said...

It's sad how much we all rely on cable now -- and not for the TV, for the high-speed internet!

-- david

Lee Ann said...

Ellen ~ Thank you so much, I hope your weekend was wonderful.

Rob ~ We did get some rain. I think that is what knocked my cable/internet out. I am waiting for things to balance out (as you, my friend Rob, puts it).

Lightning bug's butt ~ Hey! Good to see you. I have gotten those calf cramps too. Those are nasty too, they do hurt so much.
Thanks for stopping over, I hope you will come back more often.

Lee Ann said...

Ballerina ~ Hey, I know you are bummed about that. Too bad we don't live close, we could keep each other from being bummed.
Glad you liked the video, I thought it was funny.

drama mawmah ~ Hey! I will come by and see you. Thanks for stopping over here. I hope you will come by more often.

TG ~ I hope so. Good to see you!

Lee Ann said...

nmotb ~ You are sweet, thank you!

Jlee ~ Thank you, I can use all the good wishes I can get.
Wow, that is cool, both middle children virgos!

Coach ~ It was good, Hope your's was good too.

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ Thanks cutie!

bks ~ Hey Brad! I am so glad to see you.
Thank you, hope your's is good too.

nmotb ~ Thank you, I hope yours is good too!

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Oh, thank you Os, so sweet of you.

wdky ~ I am still working on the balance, but I won't give up!
Thank you.

hotboy ~ I think some companies have just started sending those cards out in lieu of a check. (It is just another way for them to make $...if you don't find a way to spend it all). The cramps are horrible. I hope I don't get in the habit of getting them!

Lee Ann said...

Fred ~ I am glad you enjoyed it. It was quite funny!

Tich ~ Think that is what brought on the cramps in the first place! ;)

Hippo ~ I would let you spill coffee on me anytime sweet Hippo, as long as it was iced! ;)

David ~ I know, double whammey for me when the cable is down! :(