Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Batman is heading into a sequel, titled "The Dark Knight," and he will face off against the Joker, this time played by Heath Ledger.

Tropical Storm Chris, the third named storm of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season, developed early Tuesday near the Leeward Islands, forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said.

Recent outbreaks of bird flu are being felt on the badminton court. Shuttlecock makers are having to settle for substandard feathers -- and that's leaving players a little ruffled. (I just said shuttlecock! Does anyone know what that is?)

Cess, a short-beaked echidna, blows bubbles from her nose while in the care of a zookeeper at the Wildlife Clinic at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday. Cess underwent surgery after a road accident left her with a broken foot and severe cuts to her nose.

Happy Hump day... ; )

Don't forget to tell me if you know what a shuttlecock is.


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Jason said...

Shuttlecock, uh, yeah, that's my porn star alter ego.

rastaman said...

Babygirl, you are just too awesome, providing these educational opportunites for Bloggers across the world! You are so incredibly beautiful, too.

Shuttlecock n.: A cork stuck with feathers, which is to be struck by a battledoor in play; also, the play itself.

Battledoor n.: An instrument, with a handle and a flat part covered with parchment or crossed with catgut, used to strike a shuttlecock in play; also, the play of battledoor and shuttlecock.

Catgut n.: A sort of linen or canvas, with wide interstices.

peace and hugs to you Babygirl

Lee Ann said...

Jason ~ Oh really, now that sounds very interesting!

Rasta ~ Thank you so much. You are beautiful too.
hmmm....might there be a different meaning? ;) *giggle*
peace and hugs from babygirl

Edge said...

hhhh huhhh huhhh, you said shuttlecock!

New Batman huh? That sounds cool.


rastaman said...

Shuttlecock will be performing on Sep 21 2006 at The Melody Inn in Indianapolis, IN with friends Constants. Constants, from the eastcoast, have been out since December in their 64 passenger bus, which burns used veggie-oil.

Rasta has been know to drill down deep, lol!

peace and hugs babygirl!

Lee Ann said...

Jef ~ Haha...I know, I am such a bad girl! ;)

Rasta ~ Oh my goodness....that is my birthday! Did you plan that? ;)

The Husband said...

the shuttlecock or birdie is used in badminton.

i wish i could HUMP you on HUMP day.

john said...

If a shuttle bus is a bus that goes back and forth from one location to another .
A shuttle cock is a cock that goes back and forth from one ...nevermind.

I enjoyed this post as always.

Shannon said...

Hurricanes...well they, ummmm..THEY SUCK!! hehe

I have no clue what a shuttlecock is but it looks like Rastaman looked it up for you!!

Have a great day!

truckdriver_sefl said...

I am a real Batman fan:-}

Lee Ann said...

Carl ~ might there be a different meaning? hehe
Oh, you are being such a bad boy Carl, aren't you! ::wink::

John ~ <-Carl, for a second, I got confused typing this... ;)
Now that is an idea John, I see where you were going with this, it makes sense. *giggle*

Shannon ~ I know, hurricanes are terrible. I have been around them for a while living in Texas, Florida and now Alabama. Even though we get the bad storms that spawn from them, I have been extremely fortunate.
I hope you have a great day too!

Lee Ann said...

Trucker ~ Hey! I have missed you.
I know, Batman is cool!

coach said...

Ledger . Isn't he the one in Brokeback Mountain ? It's OK as long they don't turn it into Brokeback Batman !

NIKEY said...

The Tropica storn Chris is supposed to be in the land area this weekend . They should re direct that to heat wave suffering states .

lecram sinun said...

shuttlecock is the "ball" used in badminton... there's a cork on one end and is festooned with feathers to make it fly.

BTW... next section is up. :)

Lee Ann said...

Coach ~ Yes, he is...oh, that is funny! Very good.

Nike ~ You are right. That certainly would cool things down a bit.

Lecram ~ Wow, I am surprised that so many people DO know what it is. Now, if I can just get some variations of it! I am sure it has more meanings! *giggle*
Ok, I will be over to check it out.

amera hearts said...

Hey Lee Ann. You scared the crap out of me this morning.

I've been having sound issues on the comp at work for like a wek now. I forgot I had turned the sound on full blast yesterday to see if it was still not working.

This morning everything was fine. The sound still wasn't working. I come to your site and BAM. Kelly is blaring. It scared my boss too. Our office is VERY quiet until like 10 so it was like a wake up call!

Lee Ann said...

Amera ~ sorry! The way this song starts, it startles me too. I am sorry, but I almost can't stop laughing.
Hope you have a good day!

Dave Morris said...

Shuttle cock - what the hoochie girls who hang by the gates of the Kennedy Space Center are seeking.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ OK, now we are getting somewhere! Excellent definition ;)

MyUtopia said...

Isn't that the name of thing-a-magig in shuffle board?

Ellen said...

I'm anxious to see what the storm will do. If it comes up through the Gulf, we are bound to get some of the rain, which we need desperately. Also I find it funny that my son shares his name with this one.
Hopefully, it will be as mild as the Beryl, yet still produce some tears from the sky.

Lee Ann said...

Myutopia ~ That is pretty close! It is the badminton birdie!

Ellen ~ I know, I hope it is a mild one for everyone's sake. I cannot believe we can get the actual hurricanes this far north, but it does happen!

Bathroom Hippo said...

You have a happy hump day yourself, Ms. Humpy wumpsters.


LEE ANN said...

Hippo ~ How cute is that! "Ms. Humpy wumpsters".... you are a doll.

hotboy said...

Tropical storm? That sounds exciting. Nothing interesting like that ever happens here. It's another sunny day in Edinburgh! Hotboy

rastaman said...


peace and hugs to you Babygirl

Shuttle Cock ... the new name for the friendly rooster that struts his stuff in my chicken coop.

Lee Ann said...

Hotboy ~ More nerve racking than anything hotboy. People backup the lines at the gas stations, grocery stores and drugstores, making sure they are stocked up on all products. Needless to say all of the damage the storm produces. I guess you could say it is exciting, but not in a good way! I hope the sunshine continues for you Hotboy.

Rasta ~ You are clever...that is cute!

jiggs said...

I believe a shuttle cock is the rooster that crows on the space shuttle to wake up the astronauts.

jamwall said... said "shuttlecock"

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ Now you just might be right...sounds good anyway!

Jams ~ I know...shhh! Don't tell anyone!

Perplexio said...

Regarding super hero movies, there's also a Wonder Woman and Flash movie being planned.

Lee Ann said...

Perplexio ~ I like those types of movies. When will they be coming out?