Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Your names

I have met a lot of friends here at the Castle...

In this first list, you are my friends that I know your real name.
Some of you in this list post under your real name and some of you post under a different name.
To those of you that I know your real name:

Alie (moved from the 2nd list)
Amera (moved from the 2nd list)
Angel (moved from the 2nd list)
Becky (also first known as Rebecca)
Becky (the first Becky I knew here)
Erica (added from the 3rd group)
Mia (newly added)

This second list, you are my friends that post by a name that sounds real, but I am not sure if they are your real names:

Alie (moved to the top list)
Amera (moved to the top list)
Angel (moved to the top list)

...and last, but not least to all of my friends that post by a completely fiction name and I still do not know your real names...

I just want to say thank you to all of you for coming over.
Each of you are very special and I love you all.
I am pleased and proud to have all of you as friends.
No, I am not going anywhere.
You guys have given good advice, support and friendship. I have laughed and I have cried. I feel that we have shared things...good, bad, happy, sad, important, trivial, funny and silly.
I just wanted to take the time to tell each of you thank you.

If I have left any of you out, I am sorry. Please feel free to leave me your name in a comment!

~hugs and kisses to all of you
...please keep on coming over, you are always welcome.


Osbasso said...

What about Miguel???

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ I don't know Miguel! If I do, I only know that person by their "fiction" name!

Becky said...

Much love sweetie!

Bathroom Hippo said...

My name is Peter Potamus =P

hotboy said...

It's always good to come here, Lee Ann! Hotboy

angel, jr. said...

Hi, Angel is my real name!!! I use to get 'heck' for it in grade school and in junior high.

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ love you sweetie!

Hippo ~ I know ;) I didn't forget about you sweet hippo.

Hotboy ~ I am always glad to see you Hotboy!

Angel ~ I thought it probably was, but was not sure. So, I can move you into the top list! ;)

Cinderella said...

I always like coming here, you always leave out cookies and rum....and the best vanilla coke everrrr!!

You know we love ya!! It's a great place to visit!

Have a great day!! =)

JLee said...

that is so sweet! You can just call me JLee, because my name is completely boring ;)

sabatkes said...

this is my last name. Tich knows my real name.

Lee Ann said...

Shannon ~ Always glad to have you, you are the perfect guest! Luv ya sweetie. You have a great day too.

JLee ~ I am glad you come to the Castle JLee, it is always great to see you. Thank you.

Sabatkes ~ I always wondered about your name. I am so glad you come to the Castle.

BeckEye said...

Shouldn't it say Becky x 2? Or Becky Squared??? Jeez, I go away for a little while and I lose all my name priveleges. ;)

Lee Ann said...

Beckeye ~ Hey girl! I was just thinking about you. You have been on my mind for a while now. How are you? I hope all is better now. I will definitely make a change to the list! ;)
You know I luv ya girl.

MyUtopia said...

Awe, you're sweet.

jamwall said...

pleasure to spend time at the castle lee ann! its always a cosmic experience!

Polyman2 said...

We live in a polymeric society.
I was once an ordinary man with a name.


...but alas, I do like it here-
your nice. I like you. HHHaaaaa.

Lee Ann said...

Myutopia ~ Thank you, so are you.

Jams ~ Oh, thank you, you are cosmic! ;)

Poly ~ You Poly, I can never imagine as being ordinary...ever! I like you too!

amera hearts said...

Yes my name is Amera, pronounces like uh-mare-uh, it's actually a gaelic name, but in gaelic i think it's spelled O'maera. I'm not entirely sure because when y mom came here from Irelnad, she basically dropped everything and because a die hard american. She only has her accent when she's mad or excited now!

jiggs said...

jiggs casey is a real name. not necessarily mine, though.

Lee Ann said...

Amera ~ I love your name. I wasn't sure, it is beautiful.

Jiggsy ~ Hmmm...you look like you could be a James or maybe a Brandon. :)

truckdriver_sefl said...

I know I am welcome because I see my name in the list on the right:-}

Have a great day Lee Ann!

Phats said...

HEY! my real name is Phats

Aliecat said...

Alie is my real name, short for Alison...shh, don't tell anyone...oh..shit!

DaMasta said...

Hi hunny, I know I'm not a regular poster, but I do stop by from time to time and just read your posts. I wanted you to know my real name cause mostly everyone does anyways, It's Erica!


ticharu said...


Heather said...

Thanks for always rolling out the welcome mat. I always have such a great time when I come visit.

Lee Ann said...

Trucker ~ Of course you are always welcome here Trucker man!

Phats ~ Oh...really really really, for real?

Alie ~ I think your blog name is so cute, even more so since it is made from your real name!

Lee Ann said...

Damasta ~ I am always glad to see you sweetie. Nice to know you Erica, thank you!

Tich ~ You were one of the first Tich...to know your real name! ;)

Heather ~ I am so glad you feel at home here, please know you are always welcome here.

Saur♥Kraut said...

I can't ever give out my real name, cuz I'm a secret agent. Kidding!

Seriously though... I need my anonymity. I'm too prominent in my community. I don't know if what I say would ever make a difference, but why take the chance?

Lee Ann said...

Saur ~ I know sweetie, I remember this about you, and I don't blame you.
It is ok, because you are still one of my favs and glad you come around!

Jason said...

Thanks for the kudos. Maybe I should have gone with a fiction name. Let's see;

Dr. J
Jam Master J
Damn, those are already taken.

Okay, I'll stick with Jason

Lee Ann said...

Jason ~ Always glad to see you here at the Castle. Naaa, I think I like Jason best out of all those names!

BuccoTom said...

So I made the first list and got dropped from the blogroll ... I'm not sure how to feel now. I think I'll go cry somewhere. LOL Have a great day doll. Catcha on the flipside.
(real name used cuz there ain't no protecting this innocent)

Phats said...

That depends do you believe me when I said it the first time? :)

Lee Ann said...

TG ~ I am sorry sweetie! Every so often I take links off when I think they stop blogging.
I still love ya!

Phats ~ I really do not know what I think! :)

MIA said...

You have so many blog friends, I'm like the new kid on the first day of school.... Does it help that I'm a fairy princess and love visiting castles? mia ( real name Iatin for mine)

Lee Ann said...

Mia ~ Thank you for coming over. Fairie Princesses are always welcome here. Mia is a beautiful name. I will add you to the list! :)

BKS said...

Such an amazing and caring person you are. Keep up the great blog...one of my favorites each day.


Dave Morris said...

I always feel good after I've been to the Castle... ;)

Lee Ann said...

Brad ~ Thank you, I am always glad when you visit.

Dave ~ Ahhh, part of my plan! Thank you.

robmcj said...

Don't tell anyone, but that is my real (3-letter) name.

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ Your secret is safe with me! ;)