Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, you know, random stuff

Remember last weekend?
Well, I have to say this weekend was much better. I made some brownies for Jason and gave him a thank you card for helping me with my flat tire.

(These are not a picture of the brownies I made, mine were thicker and really moist).
I went to the office of my apartments on Friday morning to drop them off for him. He wasn't there at the time. It really was the least I could do.
Friday night, I saw the movie Invincible. I thought it was good. It was one of those feel good sports, hero type movies. I really enjoyed it though.

Saturday, I went canoeing at Oak Mountain.

(That really is a picture of one of the lakes at Oak Mountain).
It was great. We were on the lake for nearly three hours then it started raining. It was not raining hard, it was one of those light airy rains with the sun still shining. It felt good and refreshing. Once it started raining, we paddled back to the bank to go home. I had already removed my top shirt to cool off. At some point during the canoe trip, I became drenched causing my tank t-shirt to become soaked. The rain increased the wetness of my shirt! ;)

(This is not a picture of me or my shirt, but it was a shirt like this one) .
It was great fun!

When I got home, there was a letter stuck in my door.
It was a thank you note from Jason. He was thanking me for the brownies. Now, am I suppose to thank him for the thank you note he gave me for my thank you note? could go on forever! Anyway, that was really nice of him. He said to make sure to contact any one of them on the staff if I needed anything else. Hmmmm....I wonder if I can get one of them to put up my ceiling fan! :)

Sunday, was an easy day around the house. I watched a couple of movies, did some laundry and relaxed....ahhhh!

I hope your Monday is off to a good start, have a great week!


Osbasso said...

I don't know if we can be satisfied with a substitute wet t-shirt. I'd rather see the real thing!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

truckdriver_sefl said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend!!

My Monday is off to a great start!! It's 2:15 I made it to my destination safe and sound and I get to go to bed now:-}

Have a great day Lee Ann!

hotboy said...

The Oak Mountain lake looks very beautiful. We call them lochs here in Scotland. Have a great start to the week! Hotboy

David Amulet said...

You had me at moist brownies.

-- david

jamwall said...

that's a huge plate of brownies. it probably most definately's gotta contain marijuana.

OB Juan said...

I went to see invinsible on Friday night as well, but I missed the wet t-shirt contest at the Lake on Saturday ;)

Becky said...

Thank you, no Thank you more, no thank you the most, no thank you the most of the most.... never ending cycle!

The Husband said...

i love brownies.

i think i love you.

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Yes, it was a great weekend! Sorry about the substitute, but I didn't have a camera out on the lake! ;) Have a wonderful week Os.

Trucker ~ So glad you made it safely to your destination, sweet dreams! Have a great week Trucker man!

Hotboy ~ Right, of course! So, here we would call it the Lake Ness Monster! :) Hope your week is full of bliss.

Lee Ann said...

David ~ Ok, then I will say it again...moist brownies! I know, I am such a tease! :)

Jams ~ Hey now there is idea! His thank you note might have said something like this...Hey Lee Ann, thank you for the brownies. I forgot why you gave them to me but they were gooooooood! :)

Ob ~ Well, the wet shirt became almost invisible! haha

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ thank you! *giggle*

Carl ~ Guess I will have to make you some too Carl! Send me your address.
I think I love you too :)

Edge said...

What did your shirt look like when it got wet, photos of that? (giggle)


NIKEY said...

nice photo of the lake . very peaceful .ni inkling of hurricane ernesto huh !

thanks for the pic . pls don't thank me back like jason or else you will star another cycle..

Otis said...

Hey you.

Heather said...

Glad you had a good weekend.

Lee Ann said...

Jef ~ hehe...naughty boy! ;0

Nike ~ You are right, it was extremely peaceful. Ok, thank you, I mean, no thank you... :)

Otis ~ Hey you back!

Heather ~ Thank you, hope you have a great week!

The Appalachianist said...

Hello, Lee Ann. I didn't know Oak Mnt had a lake. All I ever knew was Oak Mnt Ampatheator. Well, anyhow, I just posted so you can come over and read and say a customarily nice thing, though my post is not about anything nice. Oh, thank you for not complaining about the rain. Have a drastically cool week.

Lee Ann said...

App ~ Oak Mountain has a couple of lakes, mountain trails for hiking and biking and a petting zoo. The amphitheater is now called Verizon Wireless amphitheater. It hosts some great concerts!
I love playing when it rains, sometimes in it too!
I will come over. Thank you, have a great week too.

Cinderella said...

Blogger sucks, I left a comment here earlier and it ate it!! Grrr

Anyways, I am glad you had such a great weekend!! I had a marvelous weekend myself, despite the rain!! It looks like the sun was shining on us even through the clouds this weekend =)

Have an awesome day =)

Violet said...

brownies was nice. and it is always sweet for somebody to recognize your effort... thank you notes go a long way, don't you think?

Jason said...

Didn't I tell you one time to always take your camera? You never know when you're going to come across an incredible view, like a wet tank-top for example. ;-)

Menzies Milngavie III said...

I say!

What a busy weekend you had. Doviko will be interested in your recipe for brownies.


NMOTB said...

Sounds like you had a really cool weekend! Ok so what do I have do to get some brownies? I love brownies! Hope you too have a good monday and week ahead

BuccoTom said...

Love the brownies but I'm with the other horn dogs here ... pictures girl! The proof is, after all, in the ... er, Fruit of the Looms? Hanes? whatever! You know what I mean. Have a great rest of the week doll.

Fred said...

I've never been canoeing in my life. Except for the rides at Disney, that is. I guess I'm missing something?

What a great weekend. Lucky you.

Fame said...

Happy Monday darling! I have a Hurricane Day tomorrow, so my monday ended on a good note.

MIA said...

Great weekend! I love a back to nature weekend. City girl at heart but nothing like the quiet calm of fresh air, water, breezes, and wildlife.
I find a wet t-shirt keeps you cool on those hot summer days. They work well when you have car problems or need handy work around the house too. It's the strangest thing.

Lee Ann said...

Shan ~ Thank you Shannon, hope you had an awesome day too.

Violet ~ You are soooo right! It really is appropriate in every situation, I think.

Jason ~ Awww...I know, sorry! ty

Lee Ann said...

MMIII ~ Yes, it was busy, but fun. Oh, tell Doviko, that I cheated on this one. I bought the mix (Duncan Hines with Hershey's syrup). Fairly quick and easy. The baking time is the longest part of it. Almost an hour.

nmotb ~ Well, I was going to buy some at the bakery, then I thought at least I could bake them (with a mix) haha! I did have a taste of one. Well, I had to, to make sure they were ok. They were delicious. Have a great night.

TG ~ Hmmm...this one was a Fruit of the Loom (dark peach color) *giggle* Thank you Tommy

Lee Ann said...

Fred ~ It is fun, you should definitely try it sometime! Hope you have a great week.

Fame ~ Oh girl! I remember having those days when I lived in South Florida. I was there when Andrew hit. It was terrifying. Stay safe, my thoughts are with you.

Mia ~ I am the same. Definitely a city girl at heart, but I did like the peaceful feeling on the lake. Great tips with the wet t-shirt, I will keep those in mind. :)

Dave Morris said...

I second Jamwall's comment. Mmmm brownies.

Lee Ann said...

Dave ~ Oh, you like the special brownies! We should all have a party!

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Hey some of those brownies my way. I love women that bake!

Btw, I've been wanting to see that Invinsible movie, haven't had the spare cash to go out though. Guess I'll have to wait for the DVD to rent it.

Hope your Tuesday goes good.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Neo ~ I think you will like the movie.
I hope you have a good Tuesday too.

jamwall said...

well, the munchie factor would be all taken care of.

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ You have a good point there! :)

robmcj said...

I could tell it wasn't you in the T-shirt, you'd fill it out better.

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ Very good eye you have!
You're right! ;)