Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Likes / Dislikes I

like: courteous driver that "gives the wave" when you let them over
dislike: a "no wave" driver

like: champagne
dislike: gin

like: gentlemen gestures-pulling out chair, holding door, etc.
dislike: the person that lets the elevator door close right in front of your face before you can get on

like: treadmill
dislike: elliptical

like: most music
dislike: twangy country

like: broccoli
dislike: beets

like: long hair
dislike: smelly feet

like: romantic comedies
dislike: horror films

like: splenda in my coffee
dislike: sweet-n-low in anything

like: swimming
dislike: sound of a wet foot squeaking across a kickboard

like: sex
dislike: no sex

like: chocolate
dislike: licorice

like: skim milk & low fat chocolate milk
dislike: any other milk

like: autumn
dislike: this 100*+ weather

like: a person that gives 100% and fails
dislike: a person that does not try or care and succeeds

like: wearing pants
dislike: dresses on a summer day...well my legs glisten with sweat

like: commando
dislike: wedgy

like: sex
dislike: no sex (oh, did I already mention that?)

like: light perfume
dislike: heavy sweet cologne

like: wearing pink
dislike: wearing light blue

So, do you have one you could share...something you like and something you dislike?

Have a good day!


The Appalachianist said...

Like: The Cult
Dislike: Rob Thomas

Lee Ann said...

App ~ Ah...good one! :)

WDKY said...

Blimey... you actually sound quite normal. Usually I've found exceptionally beautiful women to be slightly psychotic.


Like - Cubans
Dislike - people that don't like Cubans. Well Cubans like mine, anyway.

Becky said...

"like: courteous driver that "gives the wave" when you let them over
dislike: a "no wave" driver"

You will never see that one where I live. I saw it once in two years, we live near D.C., When I saw it it was so unusual I had to check the license plate and sure enough, Texas.

My like: Oldies music (as 90's music is now an oldie too)
Dislike: any new music as I don't even listen to the radio anymore for reassured fear of dissapointment

Lee Ann said...

wdky ~ Now that is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in a long time. Thank you for that.

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ Isn't that a shame, no "wave" drivers!
Music does play such a big part of our lives doesn't it.

Osbasso said...

I'll go the sappy route before someone else does...

Like: happy Lee Ann
Dislike: unhappy Lee Ann

Lee Ann said...

Os ~ Thank you, so sweet! (yes that was sappy, but ok by me!)

truckdriver_sefl said...


dislike:no sex

Like:ZZ Top
Dislike:Rob Zombie

Have a great day LeeAnn!

AndyW said...

like: motorcycles
dislike: suv's

like: sex
dislike: no sex(i think we've all can agree on this one.)

like: ice cold water
dislike: room temp. tea

Alistair! said...

Just to let you know ( oh light of my life) that I forgive you though I have been off-line for a week.

Lee Ann said...

Trucker ~ Very good ones! I like ZZ Top! Have a good one too!

Andy ~ Haha...yes, I think we can agree on that one.

Alistair ~ Oh good, I am glad you came over! Go relax in the Great chamber, I will have someone bring you a drink.

angel, jr. said...

like: smiles
dislikes: when you courteously smile at someone in passing and they look at you like you've got a disesase

Lee Ann said...

Angel ~ I dislike that too, fake!

Foto Man said...

Here's my likes and dislikes

likes : girls who love me
dl : girls who loves me to death

likes : girls who are make their own decisions like men .
dl girls who decided to be men .

likes : girls who are demure and fine.
dl : girls who are like Demi Moore and find young boys .

likes : girls who sometimes show their wild side .
dl : girls who are wild and do sideshow !

coach said...

I am limiting my list of sports.

L : I like someone like Martina Hingis
DL : I don't like the Martina Navratilova type.

L : I like girls who play like Tiger Woods - play with passion
DL : I don't like girls who give me the passion of the cross !

L : I like girls with a sense of humor like Charles Barkley .
DL : I don't like girl who has a body like Charles Barkley !

L : I like girls who drive like NASCAR'S Danica Patrick.Vrooom !
DL : I don't like girls who drive me crazy ! Grrrr !

L : I like girls who are as vivacious as cheerleaders .I drink to that !
DL : I don't like girls who are leader in vivaciously shouting cheers and give us more drinks !

Dave Morris said...

Ooooh, you lost me on the smelly feet and no sex. I'm a fan of both.

And beets.

Like: Sheep
Dislike: Goats (they are too rough and those horns... I mean, damn!)

Cinderella said...

Let's see here...

I dislike~ Rude people, people with baddd hygeine, people who scream @ their kids in public and make them feel 2 inches tall. I dislike mayo (yuck) and anything diary (except ice-cream and yogurt) =) I dislike people who think they are better then everyone eles, ohhh and people that talk chit behind other people's back!

I like~ This list could go on forever..but I like, great music, people with good hearts, people who don't hold grudges, active/social people..

Geeze, I just realized it's all about people on my list..I think it's THAT time of the month haha

john said...

I like people who like me and don't like those who don't like me !

Mystical Me said...

Cool sweetheart, I love these kinds of posts. :)

I like you!!
I dislike glue!! ;)

Take care sweetie & I hope you have an awesome day today!! XOXO

Bathroom Hippo said...

Like: Big boobs.
Dislike: I ono...lesbians.

Lee Ann said...

Foto ~ hmmm...let's see....I would never love you to death (that is just mean)!
Demure but no Demi...a little bit a a wild side, but not completely. I follow... ;)

Coach ~ I see a common thread here! Nice! ;)

Dave ~ Oh, you are kidding! I was going to have goats at my next party, just for you. Well, now I have to think of something else!

Lee Ann said...

Shan ~ I think I agree with your whole list....and I just had some chocolate! ;)

John ~ Oh, well good, I like you!

Mystical ~ Aww, thank you sweetie, I like you too!

Hippo ~ Of course, what guy doesn't like the boobies? haha
I know someone that would definitely agree with you on that one!

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Hmmmm, lemme think for a sec.

Likes: A cold 30 pack
Dislike: Having only one left and the beer stop is closed.

That one really burn me. ;)

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Neo ~ I can understand that dislike!

Jason said...

Likes: Being married.
Dislikes: Being married without sex.

jamwall said...

just stopping by and saying "howdy"

i've been off painting my house (the interior part).

Lee Ann said...

Jason ~ I imagine that would be a dislike!

Jams ~ Hey cutie, your house here? I will be over.

BKS said...

Good list Lee Ann

Like:people who actualy have some common sense
Dislike:the other 90% of the population who although they may have a bit of common sense fails to use it

Like:mozzarella sticks from Sonic
Dislike: getting home and realizing there is no sauce to dip them in (and to think I just tipped the girl when she brought it out) lol


Lee Ann said...

Brad ~ I agree!
Oh, sorry that happened, that is a bummer.

sabatkes said...

agreed on the colors and driving wave! Hope all is well in your world.

Lee Ann said...

Sabatkes ~ Thank you, I hope the same for you.

jiggs said...

yes, but have you ever tried the commando wedgie?

jiggs said...

actually I don't know what that is. I'll have to think about it.

Lee Ann said...

Jiggs ~ Whatever it is, it sounds kind of important!