Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My five things

I was tagged by Aliecat, but I probably would have done it when I saw it at her place anyway.


Per Dave's request, Five Items in my Nightstand.....

1. A few books (including All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten)
2. Body lotion (you know, for dry hands)
3. Vaseline (you know, for dry lips)
4. Box of con......(I know what you are thinking....NO!)...a box of concert and theatre tickets of every show I have been to! =)
5. Okay, okay....a box of condoms (but I don't use them, I swear!!)


Five Items in my Fridge (nearly bare):
1. Drinks ~ Skim milk, apple juice, Dasani flavored water, Mt.Dew, one bud light, pint of Tequila (unopened for over a year now)
2. eggs
3. 2% american cheese
4. bisquits
5. butter (real whipped butter)

Five Items in my Closet (jampacked):
1. clothes
2. shoes
3. purses
4. back scratcher (Awww, this is wonderful)
5. spare computer monitor

Five Items in my Car:
1. Umbrella
2. sunglasses
3. life-size cutout of Legolas (in trunk)
4. St. Christopher (not the real saint, just a clipcharm on the visor)
5. change (coins in ashtray)

Five Items in my Purse (it is a very small purse with not much more than 5 items):
1. Wallet
2. checkbook
3. cell phone
4. lipstick
5. pocket knife (with multiple little tools)
(sometimes feminine products, but no condoms!) ;)

The tag goes to:
I had to tag girls because I was not sure of how many of you guys have a purse! ;)


Becky said...

Consider it done!

Life size cut out of Legolas in the trunk, why not the front seat?!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Oooooh, fun!


Five Items in my Fridge:

1. Drinks ~ 2% milk, diet pepsi or coke (I can't really tell the diff), regular coke (everyone else can), bottled water (I'm so Gen-X) and assorted V-8 Smoothies (have you ever tried these? They're awesome!)
2. eggs (of dubious quality)
3. all sorts of cheese, ranging from brie to shredded cheddar. (I'm a cheese addict. Help me before I cheese again!)
4. Take out food (which never gets touched again until I throw it out)
5. butter (real and glorious in it's saturated fatness)

Five Items in my Closet (jam-packed, as all Divas are required to keep their closets):
1. pant suits (I avoid wearing dresses most of the time)
2. shoes (What is that I hear? My Antonio Melanis are calling me)
3. purses (Antonio Melani or Wilson Leather need only apply)
4. board games (These have become somewhat obsolete, since we have a PS2, XBox and Computer systems)
5. shelves (Ha! Fooled you! OK, maybe this is cheating.)

Five Items in my Car: (Warning: what you are about to see may shock you.)
1. Umbrella (Well duh! This is Florida!)
2. Bolle sunglasses (they really are exceptional for the Florida sun)
3. litter. (Basically my nice car is a trashcan-on-wheels. Oh I mean to reform, but it's so hard!)
4. Car smelly (To combat the garbage. Just kidding! Well, maybe. Currently a vanilla lizard)
5. Coins

Five Items in my Purse (it's a mammoth purse which has to be regularly cleaned out or others make snide comments asking you if it's a bowling ball bag):
1. Wallet
2. checkbook
3. cell phone
4. lipgloss (I wear the all-day lipstick so I rarely need to refresh it)
5. a Smith & Wesson .38. Just kidding! Ha! How about pens?

Fred said...

Yesssssssssss...no tag!

Shannon said...

Yayyy my first tag since my return lol...Thanks =).. I will do it soon, I promise...this is a fun one! =)...You sure do eat healthy!! You don't even wanna know what's in my fridge but I guess you will soon hehe

MyUtopia said...

I love this one, I did it awhile back. Be glad that you at least have milk, I am scrounging to find breakfest right now.

Gyrobo said...

I may not have a purse, but I can purse my lips as I consume an entire Swiss chocolate cake.

As was foretold in the prophesy! You cannot argue that logic, for it is absolute.

Edge said...

Does 2% cheese mean that the cheese is only 2% American and 98% of some other foreign origin?


sicilia_vita said...

This was great (lists are always great). A spare monitor in your closet? Really? Isn't that rather large for the closet? And is there really hope that it will be used again? Hmmmm.

Wonderful list.

The Husband said...

i noticed you didnt' mention anything about sex toys? where do you keep those?

Dave Morris said...

Guys could do five items in their wallets.

I'd like to add "five items in your night stand" to that list. Any chance of updating us? ;)

Phats said...

I avoided the tag, and don't have to admit I carry a man purse!

hotboy said...

I used to carry a condom when I was still a virgin. (Do boys get to be virgins? Suppose so.) Anyway, you think you might get lucky sometime. But I never did. I kept one in the ticket pocket they had in jeans in them days. Anyway, one day I felt in there and thought it was a ten bob note. Every tried to pay for a bus fare with a condom? Hotboy

Bathroom Hippo said...

Five items in my fridge:

1) Diet Coke
2) Moldy Cheese
3) Rotten corpse
4) Beheaded man
5) Another fridge

Seeya Toots!

jiggs said...

you and legolas. so cute!

Ellen said...

Thanks for the tag.... and I finally got it up! My only real problem with it is that I had a hard time limiting it to 5 items.
I'm such a blabber-on type of person!

Lee Ann said...

Becky ~ I know, I have thought of putting him in my passenger seat! He is made of cardboard, but from a certain angle, he looks real! I got him when I worked at the bookstore, he was a display for the Lord of the Rings books.

Saur ~ Great list! We have very many of the same things :)

Fred ~ :) Maybe next time? ;)

Shannon ~ Oh, I can't wait to see what your list is.

Lee Ann said...

Myutopia ~ I am glad to have milk, but I didn't eat breakfast either!

Gyro ~ I love absolute logic and swiss chocolate cake!

Jef ~ Very good Jef!

Sicilia ~ Hey! Good to see you. I actually have a couple of spare monitors, you just never know! :)

Lee Ann said...

Carl ~ Does the three massage pillows that I have count???? :)

Dave ~ Now, you know just the right question don't you! Okay, I will put in an update, just for you!

Phats ~ Next time cutie! =)

Hotboy ~ I imagine that was funny. Would have loved to have seen the reaction of the people around you.

Lee Ann said...

Hippo ~ I like what you have on your fridge better!!!!

Jiggs ~ Aw, thank you Jiggsy, but not as cute as you.

Ellen ~ Oh good! I know, once you get going, five is not enough, but just enough to give a taste, right?

Fred said...


Lee Ann said...

Fred ~ Okay, I will spare you. I normally don't even tag people anymore, but I felt compelled on this one! :)

jamwall said...

you never know when you're gonna need con.....you know!!!


robmcj said...

I carry a backpack everywhere, where I live they're not ready for metrosexuals yet.

To save wasting those condoms, have you tried putting over your head and blowing it up? I've seen it done, but it takes a lot of blowing.

Neo said...

Lee Ann - Damn, I left my purse in my other pants. Errr.... wait, or was that the condoms.... Hmmmm I forgot!

*sniffle* ;)

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Breeze said...

Nann, So, I have to ask: you have a condom phobia or something?? Or, a guilty conscience??

I would think you'd want to be a safer than sorry??

Just wondering....


Breeze said...

Lee Ann, I'm wondering - what's with "Oh, NO CONDOMS - HONEST!" lines?? Condom phobia? Or...?


Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ haha....you are right, I always like having con..diments around...mustard, ketchup, maybe olives and pickles.

Rob ~ I have seen a lot of guys using backpacks, I totally understand. I don't see any man purses in this area either.

Neo ~ haha....hopefully you are talking about condoms, but if it is your purse, that's ok.

Breeze ~ Hey, it is good to see you!
Well, I have to be honest, since you asked.....I just DON'T LIKE THEM!!!!!

Otis said...

Hey there!

Lee Ann said...

Otis ~ Hey! How are you, good to see you. I hope you have a great week.


Hmmmm....5 things on my nightstand:

phone numbers

Lee Ann said...

Hey Jon! CDs, that is good to have on your nightstand. Do you have my phone number there? :)

robmcj said...

Lee Ann, for my HNT tomorrow I was planning to use and adapt your profile photo, so I thought I'd better get your permission first. Can't say any more than that, but I hope you don't mind. It'll be tasteful.

Henri Banks said...

Coool i loved again a bit of lee ann ;-)

Lee Ann said...

Rob ~ That is fine, I can't wait to see! :)

Henri ~ Hey cutie, thank you!

Edge said...

You really should use protection. Especially if your lips seem to be dry. Just don't use the vaseline and the condome at the same time.


Lee Ann said...

Jef ~ Now aren't you the sly one.
I guess I should clarify....
I don't use the condoms for two reasons: 1. committed relationship and 2. don't like 'em!

You are something! haha!!

oh, I have heard about not using vaseline with condoms! ;)

Spinning Girl said...

Real men carry man-purses. Right? i read that somewhere ...

Lee Ann said...

SG ~ If they don't, they could!