Thursday, June 29, 2006

My One Year Anniversary

Today is my
One Year Anniversary
at the Castle of Nannbugg!

June 29, 2005 ~ I know, it's lame!

My very first post with a (one) comment
July 19, 2005 ~ Thanks Carl

Nearly 11,800 people have viewed my profile and I have had nearly 51,800 visitors here at the Castle.

303 Posts

Thank you everyone for visiting!

You will always be welcome guests here, I hope you will continue to come back.

I love you all!

~hugs and kisses


Gyrobo said...

Everyone seems to be having their one-year aniversaries these last few months.

Just wait until next year. The number of blogiversaries will grow greatly.

Jason said...

Congrats. I hope you keep it up.

Osbasso said...

Well Happy Blogaversary! Wish you would have told me. I'd have tried to send flowers. Or an ecard at least! ;-) Keep the castle open for a long, long time, OK?

jamwall said...

happy anniversary lee ann!

i heart you!

The Melody Censor said...

Happy Anniversary baby!!!

MyUtopia said...

Happy Anniversary! Keep the laughs coming! I look forward to your post, they never fail to make me laugh.

Lee Ann said...

Gyro ~ You are right about so many of us having our anniversary now. The statistics will definitely show a rise next year. So cool!

Jason ~ Thank you, I hope to see you still around on my next anniversary.

Os ~ Thanks doll! The Castle doors are open thanks to all of my friends that visit. Keep coming over, I love your visits.

angel, jr. said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
That a lot of tours at the castle!!! I'm so glad that I've toured!!

Lee Ann said...

Jams ~ Thank you cutie. I heart you too!

Melody ~ Thank you. Oh, I love that song!:)

Myutopia ~ Thank you, I am so glad you come over, it is always a fun time.

Lee Ann said...

Angel ~ I am so glad to know you and that you come over. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I like coming here everyday, you always seem to put a smile on my face.

AndyW said...

Happy Anniversay!
Here's to another great year in the Castle!

twolf1920 said...

Happy Anniversary to the most delightful and sweet sould in the Blogiverse! You are a very bright spot in my life LeeAnn!

Mystical Me said...

Thats cool, congrats sweetie!! I will be having my one year soon too, but I deleted my first blog thanks to someone I wont mention.
Its good to see you going strong sweetie. Take care & I look forward to another year reading your blog. Love always, MM XOXO

coach said...

happy 1st birthday to the Castle . What a pleasure to visit the Castle everyday.

Suze said...

Congratulations! One year and still going strong. It's nice to see blogs mature, these days so many are going dark.

Here's to many more Lee Ann.

Edge said...

And you don't look a day over 6 months. Glad we have been able to find each other's blogs. You're always a good read.


~TVS said...

Happy Anniversary, the first of many I hope.

The Husband said... year. that is awesome. i have plenty of good memories while hanging out at the Castle. i think you should celebrate tonight by doing something special.

Otis said...

Lee Ann, you ALWAYS have great posts...congratulations!

Menzies Milngavie III said...

My, My!

Happy birthday Nannbugg.

I think you have a new photograph for your profile, and I must say, you are looking lovelier by the day.

Are you by any chance related to the late Maharaja of Cooch Behar? There's a definite likelness.


jiggs said...


happy anniversary sweetness!!!

hotboy said...

Happy anniversary! Hotboy

BeckEye said...

Wow, I was just as long-winded back then as I am now!

Actually...I haven't blogged much in a while. I"m a bad girl. I need to get back on the horse!

Lee Ann said...

Greenacres ~ I am so glad you have started coming over. I do hope you will be around for the next year anniversary. Thank you!

Andy ~ Thank you so much! Here is to you!

T ~ Thank you, you are a bright spot in my life too.

Mystical ~ Thank you so much for the kind words. I am sorry about the problem at your blog. I hope things will be better on your new one. I am glad to see you over here, please know you are welcome at anytime.

Lee Ann said...

Coach ~ Thank you very much. It is always a pleasure seeing you here.

Suze ~ Thank you, I know what you mean. It is sad when they leave. Hope you will continue to visit.

Jef ~ Jef, Yes I agree. You were one of my early visitors. I feel almost like I know you in person. Thanks for the fun.

Lee Ann said...

tvs ~ Thank you very much. It is so good to see you here.

Carl ~ Well, Carl. We have both done it now (our one year). You have been first guy commentor that has stayed at the Castle.
Celebration sounds good, I think I will On Saturday night, want to come join me?
I do heart you "Carl".

Otis ~ I love seeing you over here. Thank you so much.

Lee Ann said...

MMIII ~ Thank you so much and thank you for the very lovely compliment. The Prince of India was very handsome indeed. I don't think there is a relation, but that was very kind of you to say.

Jiggs ~ Jiggsy, I heart you so much, thank you.

Hotboy ~ Thank you Hotboy, you really are the sweetest.

Beck ~ Hey! Do you remember when we first met? We have the same recurring dream. So glad we have become friends. Yeah, get back on the horse. You always have great stuff to say.
Thanks for sticking around.

NIKEY said...

you now have 52.000 visitors . Always enjoyed the Castle . Congrats !

Mr. Althouse said...

Happy birthday!!

Phats said...

Happy Blog-iversary! here is to many more years

I love this video your music rocks

Fame said...

Happy Anniversary! Cheers here's to 365 days more.

sabatkes said...

Happy Bloganniversary to you! It is so cool that you have so many fans and so many visits! Way to go! You are the interverse rock star!

BTExpress said...

Happy Blogaversery love! I may not visit as much as I used to (girlfriend, getting on with my life and all) but I try to stop by as much as I can. I don't always leave a comment either, but rest assured, I come by here regularly. I enjoy your blog so much.

Neo said...

Lee Ann - I left your present on JBI, feel free to download the mp3. :) I didn't forget you.


- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Nike ~ Woo! Thank you, hope you will always visit.

MikeA ~ Thanks Mike, so good to see you.

Phats ~ Thank you Phats. I always love having you over.

Fame ~ Thank you, I hope you are here to help me celebrate the next one.

Lee Ann said...

Sabatkes ~ Thank you! You rock too! So glad you come over.

Btexpress ~ I think that is wonderful that you stay busy with your girlfriend and your life. I am glad that you stop over here, it is always a pleasure seeing you. Thank you so much.

Neo ~ Oh, I found it. Wonderful story and beautiful song. Thank you, I love it.

Rob Seifert said...

Happy Aniversary!


Rob Seifert said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ellen said...

I'm late to the Birthday Party.... but wanted to wish you a happy one, nonetheless.

Your castle is always a good place to come to after a long day, and I always enjoy the entertainment you provide us with. Keep up the great work.... and I will always be one of your grateful guests because of your outstanding hospitality.

Becky said...

Congrats! Time does fly don't it?!

Polyman2 said...

I'm happy for you. Your site is always a pleasure for me to visit.
...and I like your 1/2 naked days.
hee hee.

robmcj said...

Congratulations Lee Ann, I've been blogging longer than you and my blog's not even worth 4 grand yet. Hats off to you!

And thanks for getting me into HNT and changing my life.


Semi-Celibate Man said...

Love your blog. It has such a sweet spirit and a unique identity. Congrats.

Mark Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary (or as Os called it, Blogaversary). Visiting you castle is pretty much like a trip to the Magic Kingdom!

Lee Ann said...

RCS ~ Hey Rob, it is good to see you. I am glad that you still come by every now and then.

Ellen ~ Thank you Ellen, it is always fun to have you here.

Becky ~ I know, you have been coming to the Castle for a while now!

Poly ~ Thanks Poly, I am glad you come visit me here. You are definitely a royal visitor.

Rob ~ Rob, you are very special to me, I am so glad we have become friends.

SC man ~ Thank you so much. I am glad to see you here, you are welcome anytime.

Mark ~ Thank you Mark. It is great seeing you here, please continue to visit.

Dave Morris said...

Congrats, honey. Nice year!!

Lee Ann said...

Hey Dave, Thank you. You know, You are one of my first visitors.
Love ya!