Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Mr. Romance? Poor little thing, he wore himself out!

King of Guinea pigs...haha!


Fred said...

Good think us humans aren't capable of that. Imagine the population explosion we'd have!

BKS said...

Well hell if we were allowed to have at 43 different ladies at the same time it would be no 43 times with the same woman....well that would take YEARS. :P

Sooty....errr I mean BKS

Polyman2 said...

Horny little pig. I'm jealous.

Dave Morris said...

Oh... to be a guinea pig.

I agree with BKS, funny comment!

Edge said...

Fred, if only when I was young I could have tried to be capable of that!

Sooty ROCKS! hope he doesn't have to pay child support.


Anonymous said...

How absolutely hilarious! This rodent is my hero


MyUtopia said...

LOL, poor thing!

Ellen said...

Sooty deserves his rest after siring such a brood. I know I'd be sleeping for a lot longer than two days after such an adventure.

john said...

when i return on my next life , i don't mind being that horny pig !

truckdriver_sefl said... be king for a day:P

Phats said...

That is one fat Guinea Pig! give him his throne and crown

Lee Ann said...

Fred ~ Good point. I think a lot of businesses would close, because people would be too tired to go out! ;)

bks ~ Oh you are soooooo right!

poly ~ sorry Poly! *giggle*

Dave ~ Oh, absolutely!

Lee Ann said...

Jef ~ Oh yes!!!!!!

Nilo ~ Gosh, I wonder if there is a Queen that could claim that fame as well!

Myutopia ~ Completely knackered!!!

Ellen ~ haha, you know that Ellen.

Lee Ann said...

John ~ Call me! ;)

Trucker ~ But you are!

Phats ~ Oh most definitely! haha

Alistair! said...

Shagging Guinea pigs....hmmmm. Wouldn't that take up a lot of sellotape?

Lee Ann said...

Alistair ~ HAHA, you are too funny!